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July 23, 2007
The structure simply doesn't let any of the characters build an arc of growth or despair.
June 21, 2007
The story never grabbed me, and the jumps in narrative time seemed arbitrary, soon becoming a distressing obstacle rather than a narrative lynchpin. Not as good as it wants to be.
December 6, 2004
... a hurricane of melodrama and implausibly accelerating crises that seem orchestrated merely to turn up the intensity. ... At 125 minutes, [it] feels more like 240.
September 30, 2004
21 Grams thrashes wildly...exhorting us to feel something. Apart from the fleeting satisfaction of its structural parlor game, I felt little...save exhausted boredom.
March 16, 2004
A bleak, rather obvious melodrama disguised by a tricksy, time-splicing structure.
February 21, 2004
Could stand to lose at least 21 minutes-the film implodes under the somber weight of its own pretentiousness
January 15, 2004
A puzzle at first, but by half way you may have figured it out, then it's a wait until the end. Character's struggles with his or her course harsh reality is aptly realized.
January 15, 2004
A trio of noteworthy performances from Watts, Del Toro, and Penn is countered by lengthy, drawn-out, non-linear storytelling that guts the film's dramatic impact.
January 13, 2004
After the disorienting first half hour, things get less interesting as they become clearer.
December 31, 2003
When you're dealing with [many films], you know it's just Hollywood junk... 21 Grams aspired to be more, which makes its failure that much more disappointing.
December 30, 2003
A skin-deep achievement that falls apart at the seams
December 27, 2003
Bounce meets Return to Me meets Traffic meets Memento.This is not about making you think.It's about begging to be considered above standard drama.
December 26, 2003
Brilliantly acted but maddeningly structured.
December 26, 2003
The performances are naturalistic, but the story is melodramatic -- it's simply too bad to be true.
December 20, 2003
The film tries to sound ponderous in matters of death and fate, but achieves only the level of art-house pretension.
December 19, 2003
December 18, 2003
In its intended but self defeating form, 21 grams amounts to two hours of miserable tedium.
December 15, 2003
The movie crushes its characters under its foot, then steps back and wants you to look at the mess and admire it.
December 8, 2003
Devolves into pretentious, po-faced soap opera.
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