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22 Jump Street Quotes

  • Jenko: Dude, I'm so sorry for being a homophone.

  • Deputy Chief Hardy: Do the same thing as last time. Everyone's happy.

  • Captain Dickson: What the fuck you all doing you all rashing around here?

  • Jenko: My name's Jeff.....
    Schmidt: Es Jefe, man!

  • Schmidt: Not the lamborghini, it's a touch childish
    Jenko: Okay, what do lambos have anything to do with touching children?

  • Mercedes: Could you take it to a level of shut up.
    Schmidt: OH is this the level your looking for.
    Schmidt: Whispering: Shut the fuck up.

  • Improv Student: Ok,we're going to need an audience suggestion. What is something that we would be hungry for and looking to eat?
    Jenko: Tampons!

  • Schmidt: CYN-THEE-UH. Cynthia.

  • Zook: Are we wearing the same puka shell necklace?
    Jenko: Dude, same pukas

  • Schmidt: Man, What did you say back there?
    Jenko: Something Cool
    Schmidt: Yeah, what did you say?
    Jenko: Something Cool man
    Schmidt: Yeah, but what did you say
    Jenko: I said something cool

  • Schmidt: I wanna sit in bed and watch Friends all day.

  • Jenko: I thought we had Cate Blanchett with the budget.

  • Jenko: Something cool!

  • Jenko: You remember me? I'm your best nightmar... I'm your worst nightmare

  • Captain Dickson: We jump street...and we're about to jump in your ass.
    Schmidt: Right in the crack.

  • Captain Dickson: We're Jump Street and we're about to jump in your ass.
    Schmidt: Right in the crack.

  • Jenko: We're like a power couple.
    Schmidt: We're like Rihanna and Chris Brown. Your a good dancer but sometimes your meaner than like you to be.

  • Captain Dickson: You two son of a bitches are going to college!

  • Schmidt: Hey, listen! There's a grenade in my shorts!
    Jenko: Is that it?
    Schmidt: That's my dick!
    Jenko: What about that?
    Schmidt: That's my dick also!

  • Schmidt: Unh...broke my ass.

  • Jenko: uh oh, co-ed bathrooms.
    Schmidt: Fuck. I'm not gonna take a dump the entire time we're here.

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