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24 Hour Party People Quotes

  • Martin Hannett: well goodbye we obviously have nuthing in common, im a genius your fucking wankers, youl never see me again you dont deserve to see me again..
    Martin Hannett: Well, this is goodbye. I mean, we obviously have nothing in common. I'm a genius, you're all fucking wankers. You'll never see me again. You don't deserve to see me again.

  • Tony Wilson: martin what you doing.?
    Tony Wilson: Martin what you doing.?
    Martin Hannett: recording silence.
    Martin Hannett: Recording silence.
    Tony Wilson: [shouts] your recording silence.
    Tony Wilson: [shouts] Your recording silence?
    Martin Hannett: no im recording tony fucking wilson.
    Martin Hannett: No I'm recording Tony fucking Wilson.

  • Tony Wilson: And tonight something equally epoch-making is taking place. See? They're applauding the DJ. Not the music, not the musician, not the creator, but the medium. This is it. The birth of rave culture. The beatification of the beat. The dance age. This is the moment when even the white man starts dancing. Welcome to Manchester.

  • Tony Wilson: Jazz is the last refuge of the untalented. Jazz musicians enjoy themselves more than anyone listening to them does.

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