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September 4, 2009
Come to think of it, this season is a masterpiece! The biological threat feels fresh, although Chloe does get annoying at times is not enough to deduct points (she is not as annoying as Kim.) Speaking of Kim, at least she works as an analyst on CTU and seems more mature. The best feature is the Veteran-Rookie relationship that Bauer and Edmunds have during this season, which makes it feel fresh. The Salazar sub-plot is amazing with these ruthless villains resembling the antagonists of the Mariachi movies. Also, for some reason, Chase reminds me of the Apprentice from the Force Unleashed; which, is not a bad thing since Jack Bauer needs someone equally bad-ass to be his apprentice. Granted, Saunders is a generic villain but the threat overrules him especially if he is just a piece of the puzzle. Also, SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER--- Chappelle?s death is the second most tragic death in 24 history, almost brought a tear to my eye, IS THAT POWERFUL AND AWESOME!! Mainly because of the musical score used and the ambience in that scene.
½ April 22, 2008
Although a little unrealistic, Jack Bauer is probably the ultimate hero, as he, time after time, finds himself saving America from the bad guys. The first season of 24 is some of the best TV there is, while number 2 and 3 are pretty darn amazing as well. Number 4 was pretty good, while the sixth one seemed a little short on ideas. The fifth one I haven't seen yet.
April 7, 2006
This in my opinion is one of the best shows on TV and has been since it's inception. The realtime storytelling is unique and adds to everything happening. It puts you into the story more as you watch the clock. Even in it's weaker moments the show is better than most. Always full of twists and turns. The intensity sometimes leaves you breathless at episodes end. Often doing things that any other show wouldn't. Kiefer Sutherland's portrayal of Jack Bauer is nothing short of amazing. The character is always put in impossible situations facing decisions nobody should have to. Keifer plays the part flawlessly and complex. Without a doubt in my opinion one of the best characters I've ever seen on television.
November 3, 2005

AIR BUD (3.5 STARS)-Air Bud has played Basketball, Football, Soccer, Baseball, Beach Volleyball, rugby, boxing, 100 meter butterfly, Texas Hold'Em, Cock Fighting & The National Spelling Bee. What can't he do

ENTRAPMENT (4 STARS)-Wanna Hear my Sean Connery impression? "Typical warp, bringing a knife to a gun fight." Tell me that didn't sound just like him.

ROCKY II (4 STARS)-The Second best Rocky Sequal.

24 SEASON 3 (5 STARS)-This season of the BEST SHOW ON TV. returns Kiefer Sutherland as C.T.U. Agent Jack Bauer, who does whats neccisary to get what he needs to know, even if that involves going agaisn't proticall, or even the law. It also returns Dennis Haysbert, Elisha Cuthbert, Carlos Benard, & Reiko Aylesworth and adds James Dale Bridges, Mary Lynn Rajakub, & Zachary Quinto. This show has more twist than a very flexible M. Night Shamylan
September 3, 2005
Twenty Four

[b]24 - Season Four
[/b]Damn, the first season where you can't say "best series ever" anymore. I hope season five will get better. 8 / 10
½ April 16, 2005
So this fellow at work, actually Fearless Leader, offers me this DVD pack to watch. Since I didn't use the last 3 basketball tickets he gave me I figured I better do at least a little mindmeld with him and catch onto the 24 rollercoaster. I never watched 24 at all before.

After 4 episodes its both good and sucky, almost at the same time. They do a really good job making everything tense. Time is always running out. It sucks when they diverge into melodrama and linger on one of the multitude of love affairs. They'll put the future of the world in the balance and switch into some pukey little interpersonal interaction about hurt feelings or sucking face. Blech. :rolleyes: It could easily be an 8/10 if they'd dump all or most of the formula romance. I'll give another 4 episodes to see if it recovers from Dumbass TV.


OK I watched 8 more episodes just to be sure that 24 was going to continue to feed me slices of wholesome counter-terrorism with a big side order of greasy sweet melodrama. Kim needs to be 'retired' as she is the source of 90% of my nausea while watching. The series doesn't need a Clorox blond, and I really want to slap her silly. Do the creators really think she's a hot ticket?? Its not really her fault; they just give her most of the ridiculous petty dialog. Sometimes they reward other characters with imbecilic behavior to even things out. The banality can almost make you forget the dire peril the world faces if Jack Bauer doesn't battle and BS his way out of another doubletalking doublecross.

I figure I can watch another batch of 4 episodes tomorrow....

[b]A few days later.....[/b]

The following happened between 11:00 PM and 12:00 AM

DataRush: Jack, what are you doing?

Jack Bauer: You don't have clearance to know.

Rush: Do too. I just got my temporary CTU Covert Ops License (shows to Jack)

Jack: It takes more than that, wannabe! Put your head on this glass (does a brainscan)

Rush: Yes, its true. I do have a brain. It was required to have one to be your next partner.

Jack: Shutup. OK you're clear. Your mind is blank. My partner?!

Rush: I'm relieved. Yes, partner. Remember your last one? Were you trained in the surgical uses of fire axes?

Jack: I don't want a partner. Bad things happen to my partners.

Rush: I noticed. Are you going to remodel CTU headquarters?

Jack: Whaddya mean remodel headquarters? I've got my own mezzanine office with ultra hi tech window blackouts, so I can do things like give myself a fix in privacy.

Rush: Oh that reminds me. Congratulations on beating your heroin addiction in a matter of a few hours. Its gotta be a record!

Jack: Thanks. Everyone was on pins and needles over that.

Rush: About remodelling. You have to stop marching the most dangerous terrorists in the world through tech sections filled with unarmed analysts. Look at what happened with Saunders!

Jack: The fun never stops at CTU.

Rush: So, what are you doing Jack?

Jack: Getting some new ringtones for my phone. Mine are so boring!

Rush: And you're always on that phone, Jack! Get any good ones?

Jack: You don't understand. They're using ringtones to signal sleeper cells to complete their missions. We just found out that 'Cows with Guns' give an order to blow up cheese factories.

Rush: Oh the evil of it all!

Jack: And who knows what that Aflac duck ringtone triggers. We're guessing its something about feathers. Gotta run! Coming?

Rush: Hell yes! I wouldn't miss Jack Bauer in action. Lets get down!
February 4, 2005
[font=Times New Roman][size=4]The title says it all. Season Three delivers everything you've come to expect from this fun, fun, fun TV franchise. Building on the momentum that started in, well, Season One, this show continues to offer some of the best cliff-hangers per episode ever seen on TV. Can be silly and unbelievable at times but that's what a soap opera is, right? :)[/size][/font]
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