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April 4, 2013
Great Season for a great tv show
April 13, 2010
Had me a two day 24 marathon. Season 7 was a pretty solid season. A lot better than Season 5 and/or 6. As with all seasons of 24 season 7 started losing some steam at the end with a couple really boring episodes, but got back on track (as they say) at the tale end. I would of loved to been a fly on the wall in an extremely short scene involving Janeane Garofalo (idiot liberal -- seriously -- go watch her speak without a script -- it's painful) and Jon Voight (ex-liberal who got a clue and became ultra conservative). Both characters didn't care for one another. I wonder how much actual acting had to go into that scene. ANYWHO! If you can dispense the belief that any of what's happening could even remotely happen in real time or in real life and like lots of people shooting and punching each other then watch yourself some 24. OH YEAH! And after all the explosions and gun fights and blood and death Kiefer Sutherland will come on after the show pleading with you to help save the environment. It's all just crazy!
½ March 28, 2010
I have watched 24 for years now. I think it will go down as one of the best shows of its time. As for Season 7, it was like pitching a good game of baseball but blowing the game in the ninth inning. The season starts off with a bang. Characters from the past reappear, new characters are compelling, and the storyline (even though it may have seemed familiar compared to others in the series) was good enough to keep me watching. One thing I loved about the season was the introduction of Annie Wersching's character Renee Walker. Renee is in simple terms a female Jack Bauer with one exception: she usually limits herself because of rules. The two of them on screen make television magic. There are even times of rare vulnerability that we see in Jack that can be difficult for 24 fans to watch (in a good way). My problem with the season is, like I hinted at before, it fails to be compelling with the final few episodes. The entire season was a great one yet the conclusion was extremely predictable which for this franchise used to be a rarity. The anti-climatic ending keeps me from rating Season 7 too highly.
January 17, 2010
Dull tedious and soo repeative I wanted to poke my eyes out. It starts off great, I love Tony, he is cool beyond Bauer, but his love revenge is terrible.
August 14, 2009
This season has been pussified. At everyone turn Jack Bauer is held back by the by the book director. The writers were trying to counter the image that the show condoned turture. One of the worst seasons.
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