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½ July 25, 2015
Nice wee cycling movie, with a gay romance thrown in quite unselfconsciously. I spotted it being shown at a movie night at Community Cycles in Boulder, Colorado and downloaded it. The internet can be wonderful. Anyway it's a bit lightweight and fanciful, but there are good insights into despatch rider land. I never knew for example about their practice of peeing into their water bottles in order to have something to spray at cabbies who cut them up. The technical stuff is quite appealing and largely realistic, and the comic relationship stuff is fun, too.
March 8, 2015
I loved this unordinary Sundance flick that I caught by chance. There's a loose end that I would have liked a resolution on, but the main focus of the story was decisions that matter for those passionate about what they do. Excellent framing, smart interjections of funny, overall a great watch!
March 14, 2012
I've heard mixed reviews on this and want to check it out.
September 27, 2011
Un incontournable pour cyclistes.
½ February 12, 2009
Me la vi por error... definitvamente el final mas lesbiano que he visto en mi vida.
September 24, 2008
This is a movie that Lindsay Lohan would really like. Charlotte Laurier reminds me of a french toned-down Lori Petty. If you like bikes, you will dig the Canadian bike messenger chic, but it is unrated for a reason. It has an after-school special / made-for-tv quality to it, a cute love-story for tween-age lesbians... Wear your helmet, people.
August 6, 2008
This is a cyclists cycling movie! Images of the bike are beautiful. The actress is pretty cute, too! Quirky, original story. Lotta plot lines. Not all of them are followed-up. A great story, though.
½ July 24, 2008
All-around wonderfully done and unusual film about a downhill bike racer turned courier. Facebook's plot summary totally fails to capture the tone of the film, which is not so much about its plot but its unsuppressable main character. One of the few films classifiable as "feminist."
December 19, 2007
Beautiful film, especially if you like biking and cities
November 14, 2007
Très beau jeu de Charlotte, beau film dans son ensemble!
½ October 21, 2007
Funny. Some likeable characters that take you a while to get to know. Recommend it.
½ October 19, 2007
je l'a vu plusieurs fois. C'est le fun de voir autre chose, d'autres sujets, d'autres préoccupations.
October 9, 2007
C'est tellement, exactement. la réalité d'un messager... à mon humble avis...
September 13, 2007
It's all about downhill, baby!
½ September 12, 2007
Rencontre au sommet de deux tres au coeur lourd, qui partageront leur vision commune du comment rinventer la roue. D'une douce posie, teinte d'une belle camaraderie.
March 7, 2007
Yikes! What a scary covergirl
October 30, 2006
I've heard mixed reviews on this and want to check it out.
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