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September 14, 2013
A another touching love story!!!
½ November 8, 2012
Starts off at one place and ends in another. A dull script injected with good music & some performance. Shruti should have been given a bit more space to perform rather than crying.
½ November 2, 2012
I love any movie that starts with the lead character found dead. That means flashback, in this case a thoroughly charming boy meets girl, family doesn't approve but, in the end all is well and the couple marry. Intermission.
The second act follows the boy as his life is slowly engulfed in the morass of bipolar disorder and deepening depression. It's weird, uncomfortable and highly distressing. Dhanush gives an amazing performance, you can practically feel his brain exploding as he tries to hold on. The last 20 minutes are almost unbearable. You want him to reach out, but we know he won't.
Music is stellar, including the crazy hit song "Kolavari Di", which leads off act two setting an appropriate tone. Co-stars are all solid.
Can't wait to see more from Dhanush.
½ November 1, 2012
Though the 2nd half of the movie gets depressing, excellent performance by Dhanush & Shruti Hasan. Great music too.
½ June 10, 2012
Sweet, devastating, and thoroughly watchable. Dhanush and Shruti Hassan are outstanding in their performances, and lead this excellent film to its heartbreaking climax.
½ April 29, 2012
3 Film Review 2012
Rating: 2.8/5 | Satisfactory

3 is the story centers around the lives of a teenage boy and girl who fall deeply in love and determined to be together. A Romantic Drama film directed by Aishwarya R Dhanush who made her debut as director with the film 3 in Tamil. It was released in two languages in both Tamil and Telugu.

The film starts with the death ceremony of the protagonist and uses flashback chronology to depict some of the major events of the past life till his death. Ram (Dhanush) a school student who falls in love with Janani (Shruti) during their 12th standard. Both fall deeply in love and years later on they get married. This is what the first half of the movie talks about - a typical teenage love story with breezy romance and fun. After this, suddenly the major conflict and contrast arises in the screenplay and spoils the audience expectations by pulling or dragging the story harder towards the end. The second half of the movie reveals that the other side of the protagonist Ram's life which is coined with series of suffering and tragedy of his life that led to his death. He is having a psychological disorder called Bipolar disorder which makes him behave abnormally. The rest of the movie reveals that the relationship between Ram and Janani and the fear regarding the struggle between love and disorder.

As usual, Danush's performance is the only thing in the film which is excellent and he had done a great job as Ram, in which his life is depicted the struggle between love relationships and psychological disorder. Shruti Haasan has done a decent job as an innocent school student as well as a lovely wife, even though it is not great to mention about it. She should also improve her acting skills and dialogue delivery even better than this. There is something to mention about Shruti Haasan here; as a Janani she makes people squeeze a tear with every shot. The other notable cast such as Prabhu, Bhanupriya, Rohini, Sivakarthikeyan and Sunder Ramu were doing a good job but they are not utilized properly in the script. Anirudh's music was absolutely good, but the songs picturization is not effective and quiet poor, especially 'Kolaveri di' is a major disappointment, picturization is not effective at all. Resul Pookutty has done a great job as a sound engineer and its support the narrative totally.

This film is directed by Ranjinikanth's daughter and Dhanush's wife Aishwarya and her direction skills are quite poor. The second half of the movie is totally contrasted to the first half by having hints of a suspense and surprise in the plot which is handled pathetic in the screenplay and she tried hard to fulfill audience expectations but failed to achieve any and also fails at the box office. The unwanted shots, inappropriate comedies and slow narrative cloud have been avoided and stop dragging the shots. It shows the lack of experience. I think it's somehow true that this film is supposed to be a short film which is dragged into a feature film. In general, directors should concentrate more on medical and scientific subjects when their film is dealing with certain issues. Here in this film, it is not properly scripted that how Ram getting Bipolar disorder suddenly after their marriage!, and also the treatment of the disorder is not properly established in the script. Please concentrate more on sensitive subjects like this. I will appreciate her directorial debut by taking a serious subject in her very first film and hope that Aishwarya will concentrate more on her second film.

This film talks about the issues based on Manic depression; Bipolar affective disorder it is widely better known as Bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder is a condition in which people go back and forth between periods of a very good or irritable mood and depression. The "mood swings" between mania and depression can be very quick.

Result: 3 is a romantic drama film with romance, relationship, love, loss, desire, emotional and psychological conflicts, tragedy, fun, entertainment and it's worth watching at once.

3: There is not a single genuine moment; it is all sentimental waste.

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Thursday, April 26, 2012
½ April 7, 2012
The movie starts with the funeral of Ram (Dhanush). And his young widowed wife, Janani (Shruti) mourning his death. At first, you would trick yourself that you are going to watch a thriller or horror film. However its not what you think.
Janani goes on telling us thru flash back, of the couple's love story and how they got married. And that's the first part of the film. The second part of the film goes on with the discovery of why is Ram is dead or how did Ram died.

For me, the first part of the film was good. The comedy of Ram's friend, Kumaran (Sivakarthikeyan, His first half friend). His joke and timing sense was remarkable. The love scenes and the BGM which was supporting it, was really good. Where else the second half was quite tedious to watch. The second half could have been trimmed a bit more. I was glancing my watch every 10mins. The BGM helped alot in the movie. It tapped the right emotion.

Not forgetting the "Why This Kolaveri Di" song video was just okay! I would say, it did not met my expectations.

As for the cast in the movie, I would they all did their part on their role. For Dhanush its nothing new has he has been exposed to similar roles like Ram; thanks to this Brother, Director Selvaraghavan. As for Shruti, she did satisfy her role as Janani. Even though its just, her second Tamil film she did not show any amateurism in her acting. Ram's Friend, Senthil (Sunder Ramu, his second half friend) suited well for the role. Many would know him in the previous film of Dhanush (Mayakam Enna). Prabhu and Banupriya was Ram's parents. The both did as expected of them.

As for direction you would be shocked a debut director ( Aishwarya) did a quite a good job. However you feel the movie has a Selvaraghavan touch.

To conclude to watch this movie do go to the theater with high expectations. Its a touching love story with end told to the audience on the start of the film.
April 5, 2012
3 - Much more than just 'Kolaveri Di'. In essence, 3 is a love story, however, there is a much darker side to the story. It has been the norm of recent Tamil films to tread the path not taken by their peers. Aishwarya Dhanush tries extremely hard to walk that line and succeeds, albeit by on a very small scale. They are weaknesses in the film, but this can put down to first-timer mistakes, she can only get better from here on. Her screenplay could have been more taut, a pacier narration in the second half would have helped. Minor details such as the absence of Prabu when things start getting tough should have been explained or at least hinted at. Where she does excel though, is the art of nuanced storytelling and dialogues between the primary and the secondary characters offer more than just mere conversations. Her knack of angles and shot-taking are great, DOP Velraj proving his mettle here as well. Anirudh definitely has a future based on this film, the songs are all great but the BGM was par-excellence. Dhanush is a tour-de-force in the film, emoting well throughout the 3 stages of his life. Shruthi continues to show that having 2 National award winners as her parents runs in the genes. A good showing by Aishwarya on her first attempt. People who are disappointed that the 2 biggest legends in Tamil cinema did not have heirs to their thrones will walk away knowing that Rajni & Kamal's legacy will live on in their daughters. As evidenced in the cinema I was in, 3 will divide people into two camps, those who loved it and those who hated it. I for one was firmly in the former. Standing ovation for Aishwarya and team!!
March 31, 2012
'3' is nothing more special than the ordinary rom-com dramatic films we get in Indian cinema all the time, however the things to note in this film is, Dhanush's excellent performance, mind-blowing suspense, heart-touching drama, lovely romance, and full-on entertainment with action-packed sequences and super hit tracks (Why This Kolaveri Di). Nothing for children to understand, a confusing fair, which deserves a watch!

Verdict = Semi Hit
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