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300: Rise of an Empire Quotes

  • Artemisia: You fight much harder than you fuck.

  • Gorgo: A king, fathers, brothers, sons. What more would you have us give? You will have no more from us, Themistokles.
    Themistokles: I leave this with you. Avenge him.

  • Gorgo: It is a wind of freedom! A wind of vengeance.

  • Themistokles: There is only one rule in the heat of combat.
    Calisto: What's that?
    Themistokles: Don't get killed on the first day.

  • Themistokles: You offered a freedom without consequence or responsibility!
    Artemisia: Have you come to accept?
    Themistokles: My answer is still no!

  • Themistokles: I fight for the freedom of Greece.
    Artemisia: I fight for the destruction thereof.

  • Xerxes: I am your king!
    Artemisia: Do not forget who put the crown on your childish head! I will lead all my ships against Themistokles. Sit and watch from your golden throne, and enjoy the safety I provided you.

  • Artemisia: I am Greek by birth, my blood is Greek, but my heart is Persian.

  • Themistokles: The Persians have offered the Spartans something they cannot refuse.
    Aeskylos: What?
    Themistokles: A beautiful death.

  • Artemisia: He's got them right where he wants them.
    Scyllias: Kashani is a fine general.
    Artemisia: I was speaking of Themistocles.

  • Themistokles: We chose to die on our feet, rather than live on our knees
    Themistokles: We chose to die on our feet, rather than live on our knees.

  • Artemisia: Is it going to be another homoerotic movie like the last one?

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