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March 1, 2010
It's nice, but it kinda "nices" itself to death. "35 Rhums" is a bittersweet elegy to moving out of your parents house. It has a great bar room scene, full of knowing glances...More later...
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February 26, 2010
It's quite pleasant once in a while to see a French modern day drama where the main characters don't jabber on endlessly about their thoughts and feelings. It's also quite refreshing to see a nearly all-black cast without making a big deal of it one way or another. Here the dynamics of a super-close father and daughter plus their would-be partners is all shown thrown through the mundane habils of everyday life, and intimacies and glances rather than histrionics. Not a whole heap happens, which might be disappointing to some, but if you're more interested in character than action, then there's much to enjoy in this story of an extended family's unwanted but inevitable change.
February 17, 2010
Beautiful intimate story of a father and his daughter and their relatives. This is certainly Claire Denis' best to date. She amazingly filmed Paris at night and from the city's trains.
February 14, 2010
A good story about a man's relationship with his daughter and those people in their lives around both of them. It was an interesting look into the lives of working class Parisiens. The story was a little confusing at times and I found the film too slow paced for my liking. Lots of lingering shots of train tracks and people talking off their shoes.. Regardless the characters were interesting and worth the visit.
February 13, 2010
It's more interesting than Ozu's work, at least, if only because it remains visually arresting throughout.
February 13, 2010
Can I say 35 Rhums was a masterpiece without sounding pretentious, and while really wanting to convince all my friends to see it? You'll have to connect the dots with this film, and not everyone will arrive at the same figure. I think it is beautiful.
½ February 13, 2010
a very subtle, nuanced, and emotional glimpse at the ordinary lives of a multi-cultural family living on the outskirts of paris. the cinematography is breathtaking. the words the characters don't speak are often more powerful than those they do. and there's a lot of stuff on trains (the father is a conductor.) i love trains. i love movies with trains. and some satisfying scenes with a rice cooker and the joys of sharing a meal with a loved one. another melancholy, yet hopeful, french gem.
February 4, 2010
Wonderful contemporary father/daughter story. Great slice of life, lively, credible and unpredictable.
½ February 1, 2010
The painful paralysis of letting go, told and depicted through subtle imagery and moments of fully realized emotional clarity. A true gem of film. Best of 2009!
½ February 1, 2010
This French film is the mother of all character studies. It is a slow moving and intricate love story among four people in the same Paris apartment building. This is not a movie for the action minded.
February 1, 2010
In the beginning of 35 Shots of Rum, a young woman returns to her small Paris apartment, changes out of her workout clothes, stuffs her laundry in a small washer, and starts cooking dinner. Pretty soon a grey-bearded man enters. She rushes to greet him and kisses him on both cheeks. He hands her a package: a new rice cooker. She?s thrilled. He showers and throws his dirty clothes in the washer too. Then they sit down to a dinner dominated by huge mounds of white rice.

Had I not read a brief synopsis of this film before going to see it, I might?ve thought these two were a married couple, based on their obvious affection for each other and their perfectly choreographed movements around the apartment. As it turns out, the man, Lionel, and the woman, Jo, are father and daughter.

Lionel is a train conductor. Jo is a student ? I?m not sure if she?s in high school or college. Lionel?s wife (Jo?s mother) is dead and probably has been for a long time. Gabrielle, a taxi-driver who lives in the apartment across the hall, has a crush on Lionel. Noe, a frequent traveler who lives upstairs, has a crush on Jo. Rene, Lionel?s friend and co-worker, has some sort of serious medical condition that?s forcing him to retire.

These five characters ? and another suitor of Jo?s who appears briefly ? go about their daily lives of working and attending school and exercising and socializing and eating plate after plate of white rice without ever really filling in the audience on what?s going on. Much of the film revolves around an upcoming concert -- referred to simply as ?the concert? ? which apparently anyone who?s anyone is going to. Later, Lionel and Jo take a road trip to Germany where they visit a bitter, talkative woman who I assume is Jo?s aunt, place flowers on Jo?s mother?s grave, and camp out in the cold on the beach.

The main focus of the film is the relationship between Lionel and Jo, which isn?t exactly creepy, but borders on too close for comfort. There?s a scene in which Jo kneels by her father?s bed and nurses his hangover with a glass of alka-seltzer which seemed way too intimate for a normal father-daughter relationship, but maybe that?s just my own skewed perspective of the way these things should be.

35 Shots of Rum dishes out its story in ambiguous little dribs and drabs, never quite giving the viewers enough information to piece it all together. It?s not like I need everything spelled out for me in order to be able to enjoy a film, but this director seems almost to embrace vagueness for vagueness? sake. When all was said and done, about the only thing I was really sure of was that Lionel and Jo are incredibly fond of rice.
½ January 29, 2010
"night shift"by the commodores is wonderful.
January 24, 2010
this bears another viewing. slow and very quiet, denis constructs a thing of such minimal joy that its hard to recognize it immediately. the smallest victories, the subtle changes that only happen in the eyes. we dont get much information about our 4 main characters other than an obscure glance here and there. but we do get the sense that something important is happening even if we dont fully understand all the ins and outs. this film has a way of knowing things better than most films.
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½ January 17, 2010
Daughter loves father dearly , repeat to close. Now I'm no slouch with plots but I struggled to work out who was who in the supporting cast and how they were interrelated. Such willful obfuscation may be intended but it ruined things for me.
½ January 6, 2010
ok la realisatrice nous montre tres bien la pudeur de la relation pere fille mais ca reste un film pesant de silence et d ennui
tres bonne interpretation d alex descas
January 5, 2010
Claire Denis creates a quiet, beautiful study of loneliness, love and family through the unbreakable bond of pensive widower Lionel and his maternal-like daughter Jo. Others are haunted by their love and never manage to make their own feelings known to them. Lingering close-up shots allow us to see all their subtle, sometimes hurtful, facial expressions. Denis provides one of the leanest scripts I‚??ve seen in a while, but lacks in defining the goal of Lionel. We never really know what Lionel wants for himself. Perhaps these two will never find someone quite so compatible as the other, but we barely see them try. I recommend if you enjoy sprawling, ensemble cast type films favoring more the interconnectedness of people, rather than a clearly defined plot.
January 3, 2010
An elliptical movie about the unspoken bonds between people either in relationships or wanting to be. Be warned, this movie contains little in the way of narrative structure or even obvious plot points. Its art house; its French; its not for everyone.

This is a film about knowing when to let go. Yet, nothing much happens - Lionel‚??s colleague retires, Noe‚??s cat dies - but there are hints throughout that the time has come for all these people to let go: for Lionel to let his daughter go, for Josephine to leave home, for Noe to free himself from his past.
December 30, 2009
a beautiful study of an enduring love.
½ December 21, 2009
What a beautiful movie. Aside from a few awkward scenes, this is a very subtle, superbly acted, richly textured, and wonderfully moving film. If the last shot doesn't bring a tear to your eye all hope is lost.
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