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3 Supermen Against Godfather (Süpermenler) Reviews

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February 17, 2012
This film came from the 20 Feature film collection of Grindhouse Experience Vol. 2 . I have not watched all the movies from this collection but I will say that beyond any shadow of a doubt this is the worst of the bunch. 3 guys run around in red and black capped super costumes while trying to do some good I guess. In this film they are trying to keep a time machine that goes no where out of the hands of the drug dealing godfather, but it seems one of the capped crusaders wants to keep the other two supermen out of the picture. Movie makes no sense. So many mistakes in the movie that's what makes it funny. In dubbed English which really sucks, with Greek subtitles, video quality is very poor, you can tell it was copied from a vhs tap with all the troubles vhs tapes used to give us. What's even harder to believe is that director Italo Martinenghi when on to produce a number of other movies in this series. 1 star
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