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½ August 17, 2015
OK WWI pic made during WWII
April 27, 2015
A hard to dislike crowd pleasing war drama staring Classic Aussie Icons such as Chips Rafferty that is predictable & wildly bias & sentimental but enjoyable nonetheless.

The story of a handful of Soldiers that where part of the 40,000 Horsemen that attached Gaza in 1916.

Interestingly enough the famous director Charles Chauvell filmed most Middle East scenes on the Wanda Sand Hills in Cronulla Sydney. It's fun & it's made for the masses & it was very successful.
½ April 22, 2015
So-so WW1 drama.

The story of a unit of soldiers in the Australian Light Horse, fighting
in the Sinai and Palestine in WW1. Given its historic context, it
should be a decent war drama.

However, it is rather lacklustre and amateurish. First problem is that
this was made in 1940, ie during World War 2, so is first and foremost
a propaganda movie. The empty patriotism and manipulation is laid on
thick. The Australians are all fantastic, likable, soldiers. The
Germans are all evil and inept. (Some respect is shown for the Turks,
but this may be because Turkey was neutral in WW2).

Then we have the random, out-of-place, lame speeches. Out of the blue
some uneducated soldier from a country town starts pontificating on the
meaning of life and war, etc.

To make things worse, the writers and director manage to throw in an
unlikely romance (no, it doesn't involve a horse...), just to make
things really silly.

Acting is fairly woeful, but that may be due to the script and

On the plus side, the battle scenes are good and you do get a good
sense of the history and bravery involved.

For a much better, more realistic and grittier depiction of the
Australian Light Horse's exploits in the Sinai and Palestine in WW1, especially the Battle of Beersheba, watch "The Lighthorsemen" (1987) instead. A great movie.
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