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5 tombe per un medium(Tombs of Horror )(Terror-Creatures from the Grave)(Cemetery of the Living Dead Reviews

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½ June 15, 2016
Pretty typical of these Poe-inspired black and white giallos, but still, is fun enough. I like the plague aspect.
½ December 4, 2013
Gets hard to follow due to the slow boring pace and thin plot, but it does have a interesting ending. So-so characters which don't add much to the story. Not as exciting as the title, but it's decent enough.
½ November 1, 2013
Italian Horror Mystery Before Its Heyday--Steele Yourself!!
½ November 25, 2012
Good Italian gothic horror featuring a young Barbara Steele. It's got occultists, ghosts, and plague-spreading revenants, though we only ever see the shadows of the latter. Twitching severed hands, plague victims, and plenty of melodrama to go around. If you're a fan of 1960s Hammer horror films, you'll very likely enjoy this. The ending is a bit weak, but it's solid spooky fun overall.
July 20, 2012
Made in 1966,After being Murdered by his business partners and friends,a Man rises form beyond the grave raising the living dead to plot his revenge on his killers,Based on a story by Edgar Allan Poe,it certainly is a slow burning horror which gets better as the film gets nearer to its climax,it bosts a very creepy music score and an added bonus that Barabara Steele is in it,Deffinetly worth a watch.
July 20, 2012
Italian made horror films have to be among the worst of any sub-genre. This is awful, not at all spooky or scary, poor special effects, the acting is atrocious, misguided direction. A bad bad mess.
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½ July 20, 2012
I watched this movie because it appeared on the list of 1965 Italian Films, my copy was from Alpha Video and like a lot of movies put out from Alpha Video, both audio and film quality left a lot to be desired. A better word to describe it would be it Sucked. The famous Barbara Steele is in this one and must have been on vacation in Italy. The film itself is about a man who returns from the grave to revenge the 6 people that did him wrong in life as he was studying the plague. Filmed in Castel Fusano, Rome, Lazio, Italy in 1965 it looked more like a film from 1929. If your a B&W horror fan then you might enjoy it, I am and I didn't. If its snow and your snowed in and this is all you have to watch like my weekend was then go ahead. But if you can pass it up then do that also./ 1 1/2 stars
½ July 20, 2012
In the early 1900s a lawyer arrives at a castle to settle the will of the castle's owner. The owner had been dead a year, but the lawyer had received a letter from him a day prior. The owner's wife and daughter explain to the lawyer that he could communicate with the dead and still wanders the castle as he can rise from the dead too. He brings with him those who died in a centuries-old plague back with him to use the plague to exact revenge on his cheating whore wife and others. At a time when Italian horror had started to explore new ground, this brought with it a Gothic murder mystery mixed with a gory-for-the-time zombie film. Decent for fans of the time-frame and genre as well as fans of Barbara Steele in a bathtub being cleaned by her hot daughter.
½ May 13, 2012
Better than average, should've been retitled
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January 31, 2011
This movie has a pretty good horror mystery movie, when you think you understand what's going on it surprises you, but then it has a really convenient ending. The only good actor in it is Barbara Steele, the others are pretty mediocre. Overall it's an okay movie.
½ September 7, 2009
Better than average, should've been retitled
½ September 7, 2009
What is worse than a movie with poor production quality and a nonsensical conclusion, is one that contains a silly song that gets stuck in your head. A silly story, and terrible internal dialogue that just starts out of nowhere in order to hold the tale together do little to help. Probably the only good moment is a surreal moment where water drains from a glass bowl on a pedestal and the flowers in the bowl sink down; it is a neat looking scene, but does little for the story and barely fits.
January 11, 2009
the story it's about a revenge after death and it's a TERRIBLE, IMPLACABLE revenge . No matter if there are Guilty or Innocents there.
...a strange letter from Jeronimus Haff it arrives by an attorney's office. There's a 'small problem': Jeronimus Haff died one year before and he wants to make a Testament now...!! The Attorney (R.Garrone) asks to his assistant Albert (W.Brandi) to do the job. Albert starts to investigate (and to fall in love for J's daughter, yeah).
Hell, this movie burns: J's wife and the Attorney they are lovers. Together with some vip's of the village they well know how Jeronimus died: they killed him!
Hehe, but Jeronimus was a man who knew dark arts and he organized his post-mortem revenge.
We see and we feel the TERROR of the Victims when they are listenin' to the sounds of the invisible cart of the 'Monatti''!
Whole people who was involved in J's death they'll have to die!
Note: i have both ITA and USA versions and alternate scenes of death (i liked SWORD's suicide instead of hangin'...it's gruesome hahaha!).

The ending it's great: the Plague starts to kill everybody in J's house ...Steele's death it's orgasmatic!! when she starts to have the signs of the plague...she screams she screams .. no no i don't want !!! no no !! arghhh arghh!! yes , folks , we're waiting for that moment, that fucked bitch must die in an horrible way!!!
Hahaha, asshole Attorney shoots with his gun... to whom, to what? The Plague has no face...hahah, hell yeah he dies like a dumbass!!!
Our heroes (Albert+J's daughter) they try to escape, they run, they run, the Plague's Ghosts are everywhere....

wow, a sweet child's song about the WATER it's the only peaceful moment of this movie...
A classic of 60s horror!
½ August 1, 2008
Creepily atmospheric flick with the one and only Barbara Steele. Needs a better DVD transfer.
January 27, 2008
Horror = Not interested.
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