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      50/50 Reviews

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      May 27, 2023

      Great good movie with an awesome message throughout... Also really like that this was based on a true story 👍

      Apr 10, 2023

      As someone who's partner is going through cancer treatment at the moment I found this movie, for whatever reason, extremely helpful for me right now. I'm very very happy to have randomly come across it. ❤️❤️❤️

      Apr 6, 2023

      There was a perfect balance of raunchy comedy, and bittersweet drama that will hit all the feels. We all need to laugh in our most trying moments.

      Jan 25, 2023

      I can't believe it's taken me till 2023 to watch this. The comedy-drama tackles a difficult topic while taking you on a rollercoaster of emotions that are conveyed beautifully.

      Dec 29, 2022

      Es una película donde cuenta de manera perfecta la vida de una persona en el comento, donde se requiere más ayuda de sus seres más queridos para poder superar esos obstáculos, junto con una historia de romance contada de una manera que el público no la vea forzada, con un final más que bonito.

      Dec 25, 2022

      So slow paced, uninteresting movie. I had no emotions watching this other than boringness.

      Nov 20, 2022

      50/50 is an emotional exploration of friendship, love and sickness that is simultaneously funny as its potently serious, and while it could have gone even deeper in certain scenes, it's supremely well-acted and incredibly focused.

      Oct 14, 2022

      One of the best films I've ever seen. It has heart for days.

      Aug 25, 2022

      Good movie. JGL and Rogan formed a great chemistry. The movie is sad and good but also gives the element of comedy to cope with the dark tones.

      Aug 22, 2022

      Adam (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is a young man who lives healthy and plays by the rules, which somehow makes his cancer diagnosis and the grim prognosis that follows all the more difficult for him to come to grips with. 50/50 is probably the funniest movie about cancer that's ever hit the screen and what makes it work is the fact that the humor feels real – never has applying ointment to a fresh wound been so funny. Gordon-Levitt is solid in lead role, showing an understandably wide range of emotions as he tackles the reality of his own mortality, and Seth Rogen and Anna Kendrick give solid supporting performances (both seem to just play themselves, but that's okay). Despite the fact that it's horribly predictable from the start and that it sticks closely to the standard Hollywood formula, 50/50 at least has the courage to tackle a difficult subject with a degree of levity.

      Aug 19, 2022

      10 years ago-no review given

      Aug 12, 2022

      The best movie i have watched. And the only movie i have cried to so far.

      Aug 9, 2022

      lots of tearjerker moments. some funny moments (mostly seth rogen duh). kinda slow at times but still worth a watch. provokes some interesting questions about the ethics and mechanics of a budding potential romance between a therapist and their [ex-]patient, esp as i have found myself in a similar situation when i was vulnerable with a supportive person in the past

      Jun 18, 2022

      50/50 is really important com-drama film is really well written and directing about cancer which is the ultimate fear of death in America.

      Mar 18, 2022

      Ok i guess I'm or was on a rom-com spree. But this hit hard. Joseph Gordon Levitt starring 50/50 turns out to be a solid movie with equal amounts of humor, realism and despair. The realism depicted is pretty fresh. Certain character scenes done are exactly how you'd react when someone you care about gets hurt. How one can be ignorant to be the people who care them. Anna Kendrik is in this and she's just adorable and she's a med student so thats an automatic win for me. Wish we could have had a bit more of her. The death and that despair has been handled perfectly it makes you cry at the perfect moments. Joseph Gordon Levitt really made me think what would happen if I were in that situation and how I'd have to handle it. Seth Rogen is equal part good and equally on the nose but he provides a good balance to the movie. Yeah, this movie is pretty good. I RECOMMEND to watch it. No regrets. Thanks for reading. See you later✌

      Mar 11, 2022

      Another "based on a true story" and I really don't wanna sound like an asshole. But speaking as a cancer survivor myself, what makes Adam's story more important than mine? Why does his story of survival warrant a movie over the thousands of other survivors? Also, they never explained why he shaved his head when the Kemo causes temporary hair loss. But my biggest issue is the pacing. God this thing is SLOOOW! It has a few chuckles but it is SLOW! Almost to the point of boring. Because for something billed as a comedy, because of Seth Rogan, it's mostly a drama. Bordering on melodrama at times. Overall, it's not good. It's not horrible either. It could have been WAY better but it could have been a lot worse. I can't fail it but I can give a very indifferent, Meh.

      Mar 2, 2022

      50/50 (A+) This movie surprised me with it's heavy topics it handles and how it still feels so heartwarming. The cast here of Rogen, Gordon-Levitt, and Kendrick all do a good job of giving a healthy balance to the humor and drama in the film. I thought this film would be more like other Rogen comedies such as pineapple express but I was surprised to find a lot more drama here. Sure there are scenes where Rogen will go on his little comedy tangents but they feel authentic and like a real crazy buddy you might have in real life. The chemistry between the lead of Joseph Gordon-Levitt and his therapist Anna Kendrick feels weird and awkward at ifrst but slowly swells into something special. Cancer is a topic that can be hard to cover in a comedy because so many people face or have loved ones who have faced cancer. Somehow this film navigates the scenes dealing with the serious tones of cancer really well while still making light of the leads crappy situations he is always in. The main character's life could be seen as hard or unfair but the characters do a good job of still pushing forward and finding things to be happy and joyful for. I found myself laughing, cringing and getting emotional while watching 50/50. Johnathan Levine really captured something special here. Sure the plot might not have the most grand or shocking story arches ever but the way the film feels so grounded in reality and the way we as humans find humor even in tough situations was special to watch.

      Dec 10, 2021

      Not my kind of film. sorry not sorry

      Dec 8, 2021

      One of 1000 other cancer movies. There was nothing to set it apart.

      Dec 7, 2021

      Honestly, I didn't really like it as much as other people did. I don't know why but I just didn't find it funny and didn't find it entertaining enough.

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