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Gross-out humor overwhelms the easy chemistry between Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore, who bring some energy and yucks to this tale of a girl with short-term memory loss and the guy who tries to get her to love him.



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Re-teaming Adam Sandler with Drew Barrymore, his co-star from The Wedding Singer, as well as Peter Segal, his director on Anger Management, Fifty First Dates finds the funnyman playing veterinarian Henry Roth. More than content with a life of one-night-stands, Henry decides to give up his noncommittal lifestyle when he meets and falls for Lucy (Barrymore). However, when he discovers that Lucy has no short term memory, Henry finds himself having to win her heart again with every new day. Sean Astin and Rob Schneider also star. ~ Matthew Tobey, Rovi

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Adam Sandler
as Henry Roth
Drew Barrymore
as Lucy Whitmore
Sean Astin
as Doug Whitmore
Blake Clark
as Marlin Whitmore
Dan Aykroyd
as Dr. Keats
Allen Covert
as Ten Second Tom
Joe Nakashima
as Old Hawaiian Man
Peter Dante
as Security Guard
Dom Magwili
as Security Guard
J.D. Donaruma
as Young Man
Kent Avenido
as Cook's Helper
Sharon Omi
as Cafe Regular
Glen Chin
as Cafe Regular
Aukuso Gus Puluti Sr.
as Café Regular
Kylie Moore
as Ula's Kid
James Lee
as Ula's Kid
Keali'i Olmos
as Ula's Kid
Tache Uesugi
as Ula's Kid
Lynn Collins
as Attractive Woman
Esmond Chung
as Sheriff
Kristin Bauer van Straten
as Female Firefighter
Ishtar Uhvana
as Salon Worker
Brenda Vivian
as Salon Patron
Shenika Williams
as Salon Patron
Nectar Rose
as Blonde in Office
Yan Lin
as Coroner
Nicola Hersh
as Woman in Car
Melissa Lawner
as Tan Friend
Katheryn Winnick
as Young Woman
David Suapaia
as Stacy's Boyfriend
Marguerite Cazin
as Henry & Lucy's Daughter
Michael K. Osborn
as Sea Lion Trainer
Kevin James
as Factory Worker
Denise Bee
as Ula's Wife
Albert Chi
as Waiter
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  • Jun 29, 2016
    I've always hated romantic movies, and I've never really enjoyed comedies (excluding Airplane, which remains one of the funniest movies I've ever seen). Needless to say, I wasn't particularly thrilled when my girlfriend told me she loved rom-coms. But after sitting through 50 First Dates with her, I don't think it'll be as hard as I thought to watch more in the future. True, it definitely wasn't a great movie. But it also wasn't as inherently awful as I assumed it would be. Most of the film's benefits come from the "rom" part of its genre. The chemistry between Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore is what carries the story. It's true that neither of the two are particularly good actors (Sandler especially), but the way the two interact is irresistible and adorable at times. Unfortunately, their chemistry and screen presence is about the only thing that keeps the movie going. Many of the supporting characters, particularly Barrymore's character's brother and Sandler's character's cousin are put on-screen to provide comic relief, which only sometimes works. Most of the time, it's awkward and gross. And the inclusion of Sandler's bi-sexual Russian co-worker often makes scenes uncomfortable and hard to watch, reminding audiences why Sandler's movies have gone downhill in the past decade. So, in that regard, its the "com" part of its genre that bogs the film down. Thankfully, 50 First Dates DOES give most of its focus to its lead characters, who provide an unorthodox love story. The movie's premise of a girl who has her memory reset every morning seems similar to Groundhog Day or the more recent Edge of Tomorrow is familiar, and led me to believe the movie would be very by-the-books. However, I was surprised at how unpredictable the story was, and even though I kept guessing at what I thought was going to be an obvious ending, I was proven (happily) wrong. In the end, 50 First Dates is a charming love story starring two actors that I thought I was going to hate in the role. The film's comedy tends to take away from the story, but otherwise it was a warm introduction for me into the world of rom-coms.
    Paul F Super Reviewer
  • Dec 12, 2012
    The drama is a little badly done, but the incredible amount of great humor and interesting concept make seeing this extremely worthwhile. It's sad that critics hated it so much, because the comedy is so good that it makes overlooking the dramatic parts very easy. Rob Schneider's Ula is by far the funniest character he's every played and Sean Astin is utterly hilarious as Doug. Lusia Strus is also fantastic in a smaller role as Sandler's co-worker. Sandler and Drew Barrymore are both great together. The soundtrack is also perfectly put together, each song feeling tropical and awesome at the same time. 50 First Dates is a classic Adam Sandler film, and has not only amazing humor, but beautiful Hawaiian landscapes that never fail to take the breath away, and of course, it's extremely entertaining.
    Kevin M Super Reviewer
  • Apr 08, 2012
    This happens to be another one of Adam Sander films that I enjoy so much. However, few of the jokes fell flat and could've been better. Rob Schneider isn't funny as usual, and he plays as himself just like in every other Adam Sandler's produced films. Those problems explains why I gave it 3 1/2 stars. Above all, Adam Sandler and Drew Berrymore had the greatest chemistry ever since The Wedding Singer. At least he did a good job for his own produced film, and I prefer him in dramatic and dried up humor roles. He's getting too old to be a goofy character like he used to. The story kept me interested. It was funny yet sad at the same time. Despite its few problems, 50 First Dates is one of those heartwarming romcom films that I actually enjoy. I could've gave it more stars if the movie improved more with those few letdown funny moments and get Rob Schneider out of the way.
    Giovanni C Super Reviewer
  • Dec 02, 2011
    50 First Dates is one of the few decent Adam Sandler films. Its funny and harmless, with Drew Barrymore bringing a lot to the equation.
    Bradley W Super Reviewer

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