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50 First Dates Quotes

  • Alexa: I prefer sausage to taco.

  • Ula: Sharks are like dogs: they only bite when you touch their private parts.

  • Marlin Whitmore: Stop it! You're gonna make me throw up on the cake.

  • Henry Roth: O.K, so this is my 23rd time, and this is your 1st, which averages out as our 12th time. Now, I've heard that on the 12th date, I am entitled to unlimited boob access.

  • 10 Second Tom: Hi, I'm Tom!

  • Ula: You Kids suck,you're good at everything
    Ula: You kids suck; you're good at everything!

  • Lucy Whitmore: (last tines) (talking to her daughter as she sees her father) Grandpa's here!.
    Lucy Whitmore: [last tines] [talking to her daughter as she sees her father] Grandpa's here!
    Lucy Whitmore: (last lines) (waves to her father) Hey, Dad.
    Lucy Whitmore: [waves to her father] Hey, Dad.

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