Mar 1, 2007
The acting of both leads is good, at times more than that, but you feel that you've already seen every scene they're in, in countless other movies.
Sep 18, 2005
Even while we're flipping through the snapshots of two people's ultimate disenchantment with each other, it never feels tawdry or excessive or, for that matter, very interesting.
Sep 16, 2005
We watch Marion and Gilles with a sort of clinical detachment, and it's difficult to really care.
Aug 26, 2005
The reverse-chronology gimmick ends up only serving up a trite observation that lies and mistrust are a poor foundation for a marriage.
Aug 11, 2005
The effect of the reverse sequencing is to make us view everything in the film -- even hopeful events like a marriage or the birth of a child -- with sadness.
Aug 8, 2005
The story never delves deep enough into the characters to really say anything significant.
Aug 6, 2005
Like reading a book from which most of the connective chapters have been removed, backwards.
Jul 29, 2005
Gilles and Marion may be more than the sum of their regrets, but because their creator hasn't done the math, they remain touching stick figures.
Jul 28, 2005
Stripping away the extraneous details that etch great screen characters in our minds forever, Mr. Ozon pinpoints key moments in the life of a pair of married Parisians that leave the viewer paralyzed with boredom and confusion.
Jul 23, 2005
Gaston said it best: 'It's a bore.'
Jul 7, 2005
Neither Marion, with her melancholy stares, nor Gilles, with his detachment and his cigarettes, appears more than a character sketch.
Jul 5, 2005
Jun 24, 2005
We never get to know the twosome, and the intense curiosity generated by the opening scene starts to wane severely.
Jun 24, 2005
Repellent... borderline offensive."
Jun 22, 2005
Sympathies sway back-and-forth between the wife and the husband, but never within the same episode, making Ozon just another god from the machine
Jun 22, 2005
...we learn a few barely interesting things about the characters, and we are given no reason to care.
Jun 17, 2005
[Seems] less like scenes from a marriage than highlights from a gay man's fevered nightmare of what it would be like to be a straight married couple.
Jun 16, 2005
Absent a meaty rationale, reading the story of a marriage backward smacks of derivative gimmickry.
Jun 10, 2005
Ozon is a smart filmmaker, but he doesn't go nearly as deep as Bergman did.
Jun 9, 2005
Ozon makes it exceedingly difficult to feel anything for his protagonists.