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½ September 21, 2014
Terrible film. Very amateur, surprised that it isn't a student production.

Rented from iTunes for 99p so I won't loose to much sleep over wasting my money.

The acting was so bad I had to switch it off after 20 minutes. This is only the second out of hundreds if not thousands of movies I have seen that have been so awful I couldn't continue watching until the end.
June 12, 2014
Would rate it a 4/5 but it was slow until an hour in!
½ March 10, 2014
Go down the pub, pick the first 6 people you meet, write a script on the back of a beer mat, make a film - you will do better than this! Never has there been so many people that can't act come together with a terrible script writer and director to make a film!

Whatever you do do not watch this film.
January 18, 2014
A tired and boring film that has Corey Feldman in it but has little else to recommend it, 6 Degrees of Hell is a supernatural horror movie that you won't soon remember.
January 8, 2014
I wanted to see if Corey Feldmans acting had gotten better, but hard to tell, he was only in the movie about 10 minutes tops. In bits and pieces. Overall movie was OK. I wasn't expecting anything significant, so I wasn't disappointed. Overall good plot.
½ November 30, 2013
Story is rather lame. I did enjoy the haunted house. It has Cory Feldman in it for a combined 5min. That's about it.
½ November 1, 2013
Corey Feldman can add nothing to this confusing mashup that feels like several bad horror scripts thrown into a blender and printed
½ April 25, 2013
This movie is a demon movie alright
March 10, 2013
they drag the story.its so boring
February 12, 2013
This is the kind of movie that sucks instead for the last 20mins kill scene. Slow to start but hold on cause the ending reminds you of a house of 1000 corpses ripoff. Still an ok movie.
February 10, 2013
A krazie movie, must see if you love horror movies. A little confusing when telling the story but over all good.
December 21, 2012
I know a number of people who worked on this movie, so I wanted to go into it with an open mind and actually like it for what it was trying to do. Unfortunately, that proved impossible to do. This movie is a disaster. A messy, incomprehensible, badly made disaster. It's 3 biggest flaws are the following:

1. The Editing - Director Joe Raffa DEFINITELY should not have edited this himself. It was jumpy, made it hard to follow, and had no transistions between scenes or shots whatsoever. Also, some of the color between back to back shots did not match at all, which is a bad mistake in editing because it takes the audience out of the moment.

2. The Cinematography - The way this movie was shot and lit was incredibly underwhelming. It was mostly all flat, had little to no movement until the second half, and the camera angles were for the most part poorly chosen. A few of the shots were also blown out, which is something that you don't do unless it has a purpose, and here it didn't. I hope the Director of Photography of this movie didn't get paid too much because frankly he did a terrible job.

3. The Script - This is this movie's biggest failing. The whole movie felt like a long extended advertizement for the location they were shooting at ("The Hotel of Horror") first of all, and none of the characters were fleshed out in the least bit. Honestly, by the 3/4 mark, I couldn't even tell you most of their names. The dialogue was also pretty uniformly terrible, and felt in a few places like it had been written by someone who had just discovered swearing for the first time and wanted to exploit the hell out of it.

There were other aspects of the movie that didn't work either, such as a good majority of the acting (and that includes Corey Feldman), but those are this movie's three cardinal sins. Despite the hard work I know that went into this movie, I honestly would not recommend it to anyone at all, whether they be horror enthusiasts or just casual movie viewers. The reason for that is a simple one...it's just a terrible, terrible movie.
December 18, 2012
six degrees of shit! morelike. Poo
December 11, 2012
I really tried to find some saving grace in this picture. My biggest problem here is that I do not see how you get away with giving Corey Feldman top billing in this movie when he is literally only in the ENTIRE movie for like maybe 10 minutes...and that is most likely stretching it. It is really quite unfair to do this with what most people will buy the movie for and that is to see Corey Feldman's latest work. Then you just do not get it because he is hardly in the thing. For you Feldman fans out there do not waste your time on this one. The movie is choppy at best. Bad special effects, bad lighting, bad acting, plot is all over the place. The final edit of the film is terrible. The sad thing is Feldman is a decent actor and given more than 10 minutes of Feldman face time (give or take) this movie with some rewrites and more direction had some promise. Just to put him as top billing hardly have him in it and then role one of his songs at the end that almost sounds like a Michael Jackson imitation is just sad and leaves fans and horror fans such as myself very disappointed indeed, and with the feeling they got swindled. Why Feldman would associate himself with a project like this and promote it on his website knowing he is hardly in it upsets me as a fan as well.
December 7, 2012
Rob Zombie would be proud of this amateurs work even if the acting is mostly awful. This is about as dark as horror comedies come as well. For fans of "House of 1000 Corpses", this is a must see.
½ November 28, 2012
"6 Degrees of Hell" is amateurish to its core. From the writing to the acting to the technical presentation, it is low-grade horror. This may actually win it some cult points down the road among horror fiends, but the rest of us just wish it was a good movie.

The story is ... well, you tell me. Oh yeah, you didn't see it. Don't worry. I actually watched the darn thing and still can't tell exactly what it was about. There was a group of friends, a psychic, a horror house, a ghost hunter, some sort of demon and Cory Feldman smoking what I'm pretty sure was an electric cigarette. That's about as helpful as I can be. Sorry.

Speaking of Feldman, he seems to be one of the big selling points of this feature, out this week on DVD, but he's in the movie for maybe 10 minutes. And I'm not saying anyone expects Feldman to make "Goodfellas," but even he should make better crap than this.

The rest of the cast is a bunch of unknowns who I don't think will be making names for themselves anytime soon. They're not terrible, but who could actually make this incomprehensible script work anyway? Why did this thing earn a green light?

I'll tell you why: Parts of "Hell" are shot on location at a real Halloween attraction in Pennsylvania called the Hotel of Horror, and the movie is an obvious selling pitch for the attraction. It's a pretty lame excuse to make a pretty lame movie.

The saddest part is, however, that the gimmick could've worked. The last third of the movie takes place in the Hotel of Horror and has people running around not knowing what's real and what's not. It provided laughs and actual scares.

And hence, the film's biggest mistake: "Hell" ends with Feldman's character ready to enter the hotel, and I kept wondering why this wasn't the opening to the film. With Feldman in the lead and the whole movie taking place inside the real attraction, we could've been up for some real scares and some tongue in cheek moments.

Instead, the producers want to pretend this is a straightforward horror movie, and they strive for something that they simply cannot succeed.

The DVD comes with no extra features, and that felt like a blessing.
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