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August 24, 2016
Wtf was this. This movie was trash
August 16, 2016
Green lantern is a good movie I think people will like this movie. But why must some people are Not for this movie!! he is so cool superhero and there is a good villain. What makes it so cool I think is that green lantern"s ring has power this movie is a action movie. But I'm so surprised how people where not for this movie I thought it was a cool outstanding movie it was interesting how al Jordan was from outer space where he united with his people and it's cool how the ring chows him. Towards the end of the movie Al Jordan says I'm going to look for trouble now saying that I think they need to make a sequel
August 16, 2016
I really love this movie so much. This is probably been the best DC movie in the world and the action scenes were awesome and amazing, whereas the graphics and visual effects were fantastic and stunning especially the green lantern corps, the suit, parallax and many more. The story so far was tremendous and well done. So, I really seriously wish that Ryan Reynolds will play Green Lantern again in the DCEU and join the cast members of the Justice League movie next year and a neww solo film for Ryan Reynolds in the DCEU Green lantern corps movie with a new villain like atrocitus, new look on parallax and other green lantern movies. Pls do it, Warner bros.
½ August 14, 2016
Not a comic book classic but good none the less
August 11, 2016
Badly Rated By Critic's & Fanboys This DC Movie Is Not That Bad At All?
August 9, 2016
Green Lantern consiste em misturar péssimos efeitos visuais a uma péssimo roteiro e adaptação da mitologia central do personagem.
August 6, 2016
I actually liked it. It's definitely a good DC movie compared with other DC based films like BvS.
August 6, 2016
This is one of my favorite superhero movies. I don' t understand
w hy it got such a low rating
July 31, 2016
For such a great character to be so lightly written was a tragedy but it is a start. So lets hope that with the next movie that they get this fixed. The female lead was absolutely gorgeous.
July 30, 2016
Pretty fricken fantastic, I would say
July 29, 2016
I liked the movie overall... I thought Ryan Reynolds did a good job... However, the graphics and the suit were terrible
July 25, 2016
Green Lantern is what i call: Stolen Idea is one of the worst movies based on DC comics, The story was like a bomb exploding many rooms in a hotel and the script was so lazy that it was boring, I thought this would be a Gem but turns out it was even worse than Captian America, I've seen better from Captian America, This movie wasn't only full of atrocious CGI but it was also an excruciating piece of artwork, The People writing any of this should be fired.

Score: 2/10
July 17, 2016
I thought this was a good film
July 13, 2016
"Worst Comic Movie" might be a little harsh, but there's certainly not enough here to warrant a good movie.

For starters, Ryan Reynolds is an awful Hal Jordan, and instead just plays his usual cocky smart-mouth character. The supporting cast is very mediocre too, which is unfortunate because 90% of this film is a drama focusing on them.

The 10% of the film that was on Oa was the only entertaining part. Seeing the training sessions of the green lanterns and the mythology behind the superheros was good, but there should have been way more of it.
½ July 13, 2016
If you like superheroes and Ryan Reynolds then go and see this movie
July 11, 2016
Green Lantern manages to succeed in the visual aspect only. The story is weak and the epic tone that should be found here is missing throughout the entire film. A very disappointing and unfaithful effort to bring to life one of comics' greatest characters.
½ July 6, 2016
It's a horrible movie but I've always enjoyed it ever since I saw it on opening night in 2011, for some reason. I guess you can call it a guilty pleasure. 3.5/5
½ June 28, 2016
I can't find the movie do to Flixster app?
June 28, 2016
Ryan Reynolds xxxcellent Hal Jordan movie was fun and mark strong proves his worth
June 28, 2016
This is the best cut of this movie. Forget the theatrical cut, this version is a better story
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