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½ October 8, 2011
½ September 2, 2011
I've read all of the books, a simply fantastic read. Anyone that thinks that you'd be able to cram all of the content of the books into a movie is deluding him/her self. The movie would have to be a week long. What they did was create a wonderful on screen adaptation of the source material. What a rich and wonderous universe Frank Herbert gave us and I'm tickled that they did such a great job of an onscreen representation of that.
July 9, 2011
Can be somewhat incomprehensible to viewers with no prior knowledge of the original story. That said, it is a decent presentation and a few charismatic leading performances (James McAvoy in particular) holds the show together.
Cameron W. Johnson
Super Reviewer
June 1, 2011
Watching this 4-and-a-half hour mini-series was the last thing on my agenda for today. The first thing on my agenda was watching the 5 hour predecessor. With most of my day dedicated to work, I guess it's officially a job. Well, I say that, but then I think back to the great Chris Rock's revelation that a career is an occupation that you love and a job is an occupation that you hate. I guess I'll reserve calling this a job for "Beastly" and stick with calling it a career for now, because I loved this.

Granted, the series remains plagued by some weak acting at points, slow spots, occasional bad dialogue and occasional corniness. It also adds a bit of a bumpy transition between parts one and two to the cons list. Also, visual effects have worsened viciously. Still, the series, though not as compelling as its predecessor, still features a strong story. Other pros that it shares with its predecessor include an excellent hook, strong characters, great costume and set designs, grand, possibly improved cenimatography, a fine score and points where acting is fairly decent if not very good. I also found James McAvoy and Jessica Brooks to be quite outstanding with their fine chemistry and surprisingly excellent performances. McAvoy in particular puts on the finest performance of the series and while that's not saying too much, it's still worth mentioning. In the end, "Children of Dune" falls short of being at its predecessor's level of excellence, but is still a strong companion piece to Sci-Fi's adaptation of "Dune" and a thoroughly entertaining stand-alone watch.
½ September 2, 2010
the sequel gets it pretty close.
½ August 19, 2010
History is written on the sands of Arrakis... I love the story, the book and the series. Great show.
November 30, 2009
I always had problem with sequels that slam to two stories

together , you never get the full picture .

The story is suppose to cover Dune : Messiah and Children of Dune .

I felt so much was missing from these epic stories . Granted I know it`s a T.V. series with a limited budget , it could have been done better .
½ March 5, 2005
This is an excellent followup to Sci Fi's Dune miniseries. It is based on the stories found in both Dune Messiah and Children of Dune.

Some new characters appear and some characters have new actors, often better than the original cast. Alice Krige is particularly effective as Jessica, with Daniela Amavi doing good work as Alia, while McAvoy and Brooks capture the essence of the twins. But it is Newman as Paul/the Prophet/Muad 'dib that really comes into his own in this sequel. There's some shades of Shakespeare going on here; the story leans heavily towards tragedy as almost nothing good happens to anyone.

The movie was shot in HD and looks it. Very upscale for a TV movie as is the sound. Not much extras just a sort of recap on the VFX as they put it, getting all the big shots to look believable. The DVD gets an 8/10.
December 9, 2004
Spare your self. Unless you've read the books, and love the stuff, don't bother.
½ November 22, 2003
I absolutely loved Dune (the book) and Dune (the movie), but I never read any of the myriad follow-on books. Without this background material, Children of Dune was a lot harder to understand. This movie is a lot more about politics and complex plot lines than the first movie, which featured good plot AND lots of awesome high tech gizmos, special effects, and action. PrestoGrade: D
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