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March 8, 2012
I tried to watch the whole series. I tried. But by the 10th episode, I realized how this is a complete disgrace to not only Sonic's name, but Jaleel White's as well! Since when did he have a brother and sister? When the HELL did he get a guitar!?! Heck, I was never a fan of Sonic SatAM, AoStH's light-hearted and comedic appearance appealed to me much more, but both are much better than Sonic Underground. Bottom line is: go watch some real Sonic cartoons, and I don't mean Sonic X on 4Kids!
September 4, 2010
Sonic has nothing to do with guitars. Period.
½ July 29, 2010
I love Sonic SatAM. And I also like AoSTH. That show was the best. My favorite character in that show was Dr. Robotnik. "SnooPING AS usual I see!"

But, what we're focusing on today is Sonic Underground. My opinion, it's the biggest mindfuck of a series. Not in a good way. In order to save the world, Sonic and his sibilings must have a power of music! WTF? Whoever wrote the episodes must be on crack!

November 12, 2009
As a huge fan of Sonic SatAM, I gotta admit, I was impressed by this cartoon...... IMPRESSED BY HOW BAD IT WAS!!! Sonic Underground is a horrible abomination to the Sonic franchise; it's just barely better than the 06 game or Black Knight. Why? Because it takes a dark, edgy, and emotional concept straight from SatAM and alters it to screw with our minds, making Sonic the son of royalty, and then having him play band instruments! The writing is crap, the animation is ehh, and the characters are just pulled right out of the designer's asses.
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