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½ April 2, 2016
You are a hero.

The Island of Sodor feels it needs the new diesel engines that recently arrived on the island; unfortunately, they are arrogant, don't listen to direction, and aren't nice to the other trains. Thomas and two new friends will work together to show their value and that they can all work in harmony.

"Thomas doesn't think I'm a special engine anymore."

Greg Tiernan, director of Sausage Party and numerous Thomas the Train movies and television series episodes, delivers Thomas & Friends: Day of the Diesel. The storyline for this picture is just okay but has some good lessons. The voices and animation style fit in line with the television series perfectly (no better no worse).

"His best friend still wasn't listening to him."

These are all on Netflix and my daughter and I periodically watch them here and there along with other series. These are just okay but my daughter stays glued to them from beginning to end. Overall, they're very average but your children may love them.

"Thank you, cranky."

Grade: C
½ January 10, 2016
Like calling all engines, it's a missed opprotunity for character development that breaks awdy's rules
May 23, 2014
Best Thomas & Friends movie ever! It's the only one with a plot. Percy is a bad@$$ mo-fo in this one!
July 25, 2012
My son loved it and he is so pickey lol good movie that peaches great values
February 18, 2012
Another shamble of the CGI Thomas franchise. The CGI itself is amazing with great camera angles and detail, but the story falls apart no matter which way you look at it. Diesel 10 is not evil enough, and is not used to his full potential. There are 3 diesels that do not even speak in this film, and are used purely for money. Had lots of potential, but it was messed up again, much like Misty Island Rescue.
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