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April 3, 2013
I liked the twist and the music at the end.
September 20, 2012
A drab thriller where a man finds that his wife is having an affair so has her new lover captured and tortured. Boring.
September 20, 2012
Poor Brit film that lacks content, idea and class.
½ September 7, 2012
Four people in a warehouse and two of them are tied up. It passed the time.
½ September 3, 2012
Four sees a group of four people come together after husband suspects his wife is having an affair and hires a detective to kidnap the lover. Once kidnapped he must decide what he wants to do with then both in an abandoned warehouse. All seems plain sailing or not?
September 3, 2012
I have to say I knew nothing at all about this film when I hit the play button. I had been intrigued by the write-up in the TV guide and that was enough to whet my appetite. A very staged drama, it soon grabbed my attention but I can‚(TM)t say I was exactly gripped all the way through. I will tell you more after this extremely brief summary.

When a jealous husband discovers his wife is having an affair, he hires an unscrupulous private detective to find the lover. This man is kidnapped and taken to an abandoned factory so the husband can have a few choice words. On arrival the detective tells him he has taken the liberty of also kidnapping his wife so he might encourage her to see the error of her ways also. They are held in separate parts of the building, tied to chairs with bags over their heads. The husband starts with the lover‚¶ but there‚(TM)s a twist in the tale. I really don‚(TM)t want to give any more away and so I‚(TM)ll leave it there.

A film that very much relies on the performances to provide the impact; and I must say they‚(TM)re all pretty good. So I‚(TM)ll give honourable mentions to; Martin Compston as the lover, Craig Conway as the husband, Sean Pertwee (yes he is the son of former Dr. Who Jon Pertwee) as the detective and Kierston Wareing as the wife.

Plenty of twists and turns in this very wordy plot; but not one that will leave you gasping trying to figure out. It‚(TM)s all pretty straight forward once certain revelations are made. After a nice beginning I felt it lost a bit of momentum over the middle third, but picked up again towards the end. Admittedly it‚(TM)s not an original theme but I thought it was quite nicely done, if a little weak here and there. There is some very robust language so please be aware of this. Over all, pretty well made with some nice performances but it does suffer a little towards the middle.

SteelMonster‚(TM)s verdict: RECOMMENDED (Just)‚¶ Could have been better‚¶

My score: 5.7/10
August 31, 2012
Probably the worst film of its type ever.....I actually invested another ten minutes of my time wondering whether I had missed something but came to the conclusion that it was garbage and had indeed wasted 90 minutes of my life. Lame dialogue, wooden acting and a plot that jumps from one place to another as if the writer kept waking up and starting the whole thing afresh....give this film a swerve!
August 31, 2012
Quite an interesting idea for a film, set entirely in a warehouse with only four cast members in its whole 9o minute run. A good film to watch to pass the time really had that Reservoir Dogs and Sexy beast feel to it all.
½ June 3, 2012
Could have been SO much better. Felt like the director took a good idea and got bored before he saw where it could lead. Disappointing ending.
½ May 29, 2012
Slow paced, but an interesting plot twist at the end.
½ March 14, 2012
How do I put it, all rather 'mehh'
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