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October 23, 2010
This is not a complete waste of time, though it is close. Cerina Vincent is hot, though the filmmakers passed up a lot of opportunities to show us some skin. You can't expect too much from a B-movie, but a coherent storyline should have been within reach. The effects looked more like poorly done vampires not mummies until near the end. I recommend you skip this one.
August 14, 2008
Ovo je, bez najmanje sumnje, jedan od najgorih filmova ikad snimljenih.
½ May 21, 2008
First of all, the pyramids from Egypt are used, and this takes place in Mexico. Second, the acting, story, and directing is so horrendous that you will want to break the disc in half. Movies like these are bad, and the directors know it, but don't care as long as they make a buck or two. Zero Stars (if I could.)
March 17, 2008
Although you know whats gonna happen you still watch it. You just know the female prison guard is gonna get it on with the good guy prisoner, everyone will get killed and they will escape.
½ February 25, 2008
No budget? Film in the desert. The same 10 foot square patch of desert. Also, make sure your prison guard is female, and that her shirt is busting with boobies.
January 18, 2008
Not really a mummy movie...it is a kung-fu movie.Too bad to be true.
½ November 30, 2007
Fantastic load of total useless crap!
Read my comment on IMDB under the nickname "Gutterballs" if you want to know 10 reasons to WATCH this flick.
½ November 29, 2007
Damn! How can you do such a film??? One of the worst film I ever saw. But it can get crap-elicious with some beer and friends.
½ September 9, 2007
It was ok until the encounter with the ninja-jesuit priest- mummies.
½ July 31, 2007
Am only giving this 1/2 a star as I don't think it's possible to give 0 (or a negative). I should have known it was going to be bad when it stars both Danny Trejo AND Billy Drago, but even I didn't expect this film to be SO bad. Went beyond 'so-bad-it's-good' back to just plain bad again. No plot, terrible acting, awful effects and the worst score I've ever come across in a film. Don't waste your money or your life on this one. Go see something better instead, like Police Academy 27 or better still go and record something on your phone camera and release it as it will be better than this!
½ July 30, 2007
despite what the movie's blurb says about it , it is really about a bunch of army guys in tanks and jeeps fighting mummies during world war 2. apparently hitler made a pact with the undead and the mummies climbed out of their aztec ruins and crossed the border to lay waste to the american south west. where is pat buchanan when we really need him? anyway the pentultimate scene involves the rugged leader of the tank unit, chuck long-guns (i think he is cherokee so he has magic powers or maybe i dreamed that part up when i fell asleep in the middle of the movie) launching a desperate sneak attack on the mummy fortress. I won't tell you what happens but let's just say that during the final scene some USO girls give ol' chuck-o a sponge bath in a navy hospital in Los Angeles and he says something like 'don't get my freedom medal wet or i will punch you right in the mouth.'
½ June 26, 2007
Good music and the acting is fine to good. It really is an average movie with plenty of action that is a blend of western horror.
½ June 25, 2007
This movie may be the worst ever. 'Nuff said!
June 16, 2007
A contender for the worst movie ever, but Olaf Ittenbach's "Legion of the Dead" is a bit worse.
½ May 5, 2007
The worst film EVER!
May 5, 2007
really stupid, but entertaining
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