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December 1, 2016
12/1/16 You Tube
This was a really good movie that did an outstanding job of making the viewer feel the tension, camaraderie, danger and fear encountered by ground troops at war. It also shows how quickly your life can end and how it must be tough to live with memories taken away. Only think keeping it from a higher rating is that the dialogue is pretty hokey and predictable.
August 14, 2016
This early entry into the found footage genre is ambitious but it doesn't really feel like they are under siege from the Vietcong.
½ April 30, 2014
Vähän erilainen Vietnam-elokuva. Hienosti kuvattu. Jännittävä. Tosin hieman ennalta-arvattava.
Super Reviewer
May 21, 2013
One of the best and little viewed Vietnam pictures. Patrick Duncan perhaps suffered from the fatigue of viewers who had been inundated with bigger budget productions. Perhaps audiences were Vietnamed out. Nonetheless, this is a unique perspective and worth tracking down.
December 18, 2011
When I watched this movie I thought it was a documentary for the first half of the movie. I am a desert storm veteran so I now what it's like.
August 1, 2011
This is a very hard to find, low-budget, independent film, but if you can find it, it is a real gem. Next to "Platoon," I think this is the best film about the Vietnam War ever made. Grimly realistic, and shot in cinema verite style, it tells the tale of a small platoon of men sent on a reconnaissance mission, accompanied by an army cameraman, from whose point of view we see the entire story unfold. What is supposed to be a routine mission, and the last one for this platoon, turns into a desperate struggle for survival and rescue. It's an absolute mystery to me why this movie has never gotten the recognition it deserved, though it got widespread critical acclaim when it was released in 1989.
December 18, 2010
Pretty realistic reactions to soldiers getting their pictures taken. This film has a unique and creative premise.
July 24, 2010
Long before "Cloverfield" earned praise for the immediacy of its
approach to a "Godzilla" horror story by shooting from the perspective
of a handy cam in the fist of a survivor, writer & director Patrick
Sheane Duncan's "84C MoPic" pioneered this novel technique. This
95-minute, low-budget Vietnam War movie with its largely unknown cast
boasts the distinction of being helmed by a 'Nam veteran. Deane
emphasizes authenticity by lensing everything from the view point of a
combat photographer. Indeed, the camera serves as the film's point of
view, and Patrick maintains this point of view from fade-in to

Unquestionably, the conceit of "84C MoPic" is nothing short of
brilliant. A combat photographer (Byron Thames of "Johnny Dangerously")
films a reconnaissance unit choppered into the bush as a training film
for the military. Deane's distinctive film then has not only an
immediacy about it but it also contains a clever rational for its
artless artistry. The closest thing in real life to "84C MoPic"
is John Houston's World War II documentary "The Battle of San Pietro."
Everything is seen from the camera and the camera is constantly in the
rear because no cameraman would expose himself to enemy fire by
standing in front of his own troops. The hand-held, cine'ma ve'rite'
style of film-making fuels the realism of "84C Charlie MoPic." The
soldiers do nothing in this movie that isn't thoroughly believable. The
procedure of bagging and tagging a body hammers home hard the lack of
glamor. "84C MoPic" manifests few pretensions and the character
never argue about the validity of the Vietnam.

If genuinely artistic photography were the only necessity for a great
movie, then Deane's film would have amounted to a classic.
Unfortunately, despite the excellence of Deane's first-person,
in-your-face technique, "84C MoPic" provides only intermittently
entertainment as an action-packed war story. Deane populates his
screenplay with relatively bland, one-dimensional characters that
rarely engage our sympathy. They lack charisma. Since we never become
emotionally attached to any of them, the ones that die generate little
concern for us. The G.I. humor is old and stale. Ultimately, despite
some tense moments of combat near the end, "84C MoPic" is not
memorable in the least. None of the characters stand out and the enemy
is rarely seen. Deane occasionally undermines his powerful atmosphere
of realism by having his camera running during a dangerous moment.
Would anybody seriously risk their life by photographing an
unsuspecting enemy who might hear the sounds of film whirling through
their camera?

Primarily, Deane's screenplay is an anthology of war story clichés. "84C MoPic" replicates the World War II movie cliché that the unit
contained an ethnic collection of oddballs. Alas, these guys are bland,
and the story is for the most part boring. There is the guy with less
than a month to go before he is shipped home but is paranoid about his
chances of survival. There is the green, inexperienced lieutenant, LT
(Jonathan Emerson of "Graveyard Shift"),who couldn't find his own dog
tags with his hands in broad daylight but volunteered for combat to
earn a promotion. There is the angry black man simply named OD(Richard
Brooks of NBC-TV's "Law & Order") who threatens to kill his superior
officer. There is a backwoods North Carolina redneck,Cracker (Glenn
Morshower of "Black Hawk Down"), who turns a blind eye to the black man
and considers him a true brother, something that he admits would never
happen back home. Each character addresses the other by their
nicknames: 'Pretty Boy,''L-T,' 'Cracker,' and 'OD.' The performances
are ordinary enough.

Nobody hams it up, but they don't make much of an impression. There is
nothing incredibly gory. The closest to real violence is the scene
where an enemy sniper targets Pretty Boy. The sniper keeps on shooting
the soldier and nobody can come to rescue. At one point, the soldier
even tries to blow himself up with a hand grenade. Although the story
is neither original nor dramatic enough, "84C MoPic" deserves
three silver stars for its technique and its interpretation. The irony
of the ending is a neat touch. Mind you, this movie isn't as memorable
as "Apocalypse Now," "The Deer Hunter," or "Platoon," but it is worth

Altogether, "84C MoPic" still qualifies as a unique film that is
too realistic for its own good. Surprisingly, given the potential of
the premise, nobody has remade it with a big budget for special
May 25, 2010
Excellent alternative Vietnam war film
January 19, 2010
...a great movie, with good actors and a touching story...I liked it a lot!
August 31, 2009
my favorite viet-nam flick tho' it never went wide distribution, maybe the times or just not promoted properly. I would like to see this in theaters someday. how about it ? anybody else?
August 7, 2009
The most realisitc 'Nam film ever made. it's so authentic looking, hadn't I known I was watching a movie I could've sworn that this was actual footage. Outstanding! I've never seen a war movie that got so close to the soldiers in combat.
½ March 1, 2009
Strano film girato in stile documentaristico interamente da un punto di vista soggettivo, cioè con l'occhio della telecamera
½ January 21, 2009
i liked this pic a lot.very believable with some first rate acting
July 14, 2008
This was done at a time before the pseudo documentary became done to death, so it was a great idea, but just really poorly executed
March 27, 2008
A fascinating look into the squad dynamics during the Vietnam War. A tense and realistic portrayal of life in the jungles of Vietnam.
February 28, 2008
Definitely a good movie. More than a war-flick, it's a "buddy picture" where you find out what makes this infantry platoon tick. It was the first film I saw that used the "found footage" gimmick, and I thought it worked quite well.
February 14, 2008
Ahead of it's time for low budget film making.
Executed as best as it could be.
January 21, 2008
great lowbudget nam movie, I mean only a total vietnam nutjob would really love this movie, but other's would have just as much fun watching chappy get his kicks watching it.
December 6, 2007
great film! if ya' haven't seen it - it's worth the time...
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