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January 16, 2017
The director's efforts show how the interconnection between Mexico and America have fueled the drug trade. He shows not just how the Obama Administration, but every administration in the US has made things worse for Mexico. He also shows the thorough corruption within Mexico and how the innocent suffer. Highly recommended if you want a dose of reality.
January 16, 2012
I heard the directors interview on NPR last week. His tone points blame at Obama rather than Mexico itself. I won't be wasting my money on his trash talk. Maybe the director should focus his iMovie productions on illegal labor in China.
November 7, 2011
People need to watch this movie. Its crazy whats happening there!
September 19, 2011
Thought it was pretty good. It was what I expected from a documentary, but it was pretty interesting and I learned more than what I thought I was going to. It actually makes me a little hesitant to want to visit Mexico soon, like I had planned - even if I do go with someone from there.
April 16, 2011
I am so glad I came to see this movie today. It was astounding. a true raw and real documentary that everyone needs to see ASAP.
March 5, 2011
saw this in Phoenix last week. was really excited to see it since i just recently finished reading Amexica a book also about the mexico/usa border conflict. but while amexica tries to understand the root causes of the boarder issues by looking at all the different underlying drivers, the movie is really just a waste of time. it has a clear agenda and operates just like a glenn beck monologue ... well just from a leftist point. the movie from the get go confronts the viewer with its two points of views. 1. the boarder conflict is the greatest humanitarian issue the world is facing and 2. the root cause of it is that the rich in mexico (and the US) are fighting and killing the poor in order to get rid of them.
so point one is debatable, and i think it is useless to do bodycounts in order to say what is worse ... the irq occupation, dafur or the current border conflict. they are all horrible.
point two is the bigger allegation and while mexico certainly has a class problem i am not sure that the reason for the drug was is an eradication plan by the rich and powerful. if one makes a claim like this one better have evidence. but the movie has none. just because the film maker goes to juarez for a couple of days he does never shows any authority in understanding the subject, clearly only skimming the topics and never asking ad on questions to his obvious leftist cast of "experts".
so an absolutely poor execution of a topic that needs a great documentary.
February 21, 2011
We went to see this movie and it was an eye opener about whats goin on just a couple miles from my house. If given the chance everyone should see this movie.
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