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April 2, 2015
Dark and disturbing, but potent work.
½ December 24, 2013
What happens in the last 90 minutes of a human life before they commit murder? In "90 Minutes" we follow Johan (Bjørn Floberg) who is making a lavish last meal for his wife, Fred (Mads Ousdal) who is on his weekly visit with the kids and Trond (Aksel Hennie) who has lost control of his violence towards his young wife Karianne (Kaia Varjord) and their newborn. Before the irretrievable act of murder happens, these men are still considered as human beings. "90 Minutes" don´t try to give any answers or to find psychological explanations, but simply to follow these mens perspective and stay with them and share the minutes just before its too late.

Norwegian screenwriter and director Eva Sørhaug's second feature film which she wrote, is inspired by and article series in the Norwegian tabloid newspaper VG from 2007 about domestic partnership crimes where men were the offenders and women the victims. The platform is based on multiple viewpoints though mostly from the three male protagonists point of view, and it draws an acute, unsettling and unsentimental portrayal of 90 minutes of a day in the lives of three men and three women. The narrative structure, interrelating stories and tormented characters makes up a strong drama you won´t forget after you have seen it. Due to the fact that the storyline is very much in your face, also literally as Eva Sørhaug works a lot with close ups, forces the actors to really bring out everything they have and they do. I must however say that Bjørn Floberg stands out as Johan. His facial expressions, movements and eyes adds so much to his character. Aksel Hennie and Kaia Varjord (her debut feature film role) have by far the hardest roles and they nail them. It´s difficult to see their abusive situation and I can only imagine how hard it was to film it. I reckon as an actor you won´t be able to get out of that sort of role for quite a bit. "90 Minutes" is minimalistic and yet rich in the storyline and it has superb acting that will make footprints in your brain. The cinema photography is of high standard as well. Unfortunately, these three stories are not just stories, they are based on what happens in reality everyday around the world. How can one take those sort of actions towards a loved one or a former loved one? We have all felt let down in love and the darkness that comes with it. But, turning to violence or even murder is something different. How can you justify that within? I warmly recommend "90 Minutes", a movie to really reflect over.
June 12, 2013
A brutal film that tries it's best to be honest. It's mostly a rugged, depressing, semi interesing film with a bleak presentation. I really enjoy the croppings and the camera placements. Lots of white colors, some black - this is fitting and makes it a visual treat - still very realisticly shown. Kudos!

The three stories are all half mysterious and all right but they lacks depth. I feel that the director got one thing in mind, and that is to shock you. It does not work out perfectly, but this is by no means a film for the weak hearted or the ones searching answers. I like that part, though.

Reminds me of a foreign, non-english spoken film, and it is, naturally. My point is that this could not have been an american flick, and it's very unlike other Norwegian films that I know of as well. A little deeper and this could have been one of the greater Norwegian flicks the last five years or so, but it's only the most disturbing one.

6.5 out of 10 grams of coke.
½ March 28, 2013
Una pelicula sobre la violencia, con un toque de documental y una direccion casi perfecta que se ve manchada por su lento desarrollo y pobre guion.
½ March 16, 2013
Slow paced but brutal and dark. Not your usual movie. A so-so movie on a lazy afternoon.
½ February 4, 2013
90 minutter becomes an ordeal - both because of the gruelling nature of its stories and because Sørhaug writes checks she's not quite able to cash.
½ January 20, 2013
woman 's fears put in film ( directed written by Eva )
½ January 9, 2013
Overrated. It's trying to say something important about domestic violence, but in my mind too superficial in it's depection. You should rather go for the spanish "Take my eyes".
September 20, 2012
A fellow moviegoer had barely managed to make any progress emptying his bucket of popcorn at the end of this movie. Apparently the first time this ever had happened. This just isn't one of those movies. It is purposefully and intensely uncomfortable to watch, much like Todd Sollondz' Happiness and Darren Aronofsky's Requiem for a Dream. The main cast has done an outstanding job.

We follow three couples and their fateful ends. There is the young couple played by Aksel Hennie and Kaia Varjord, fresh parents, where the husband is losing control of his life and taking it out on his wife. The beatings, rape and tying up of the wife are some of the most uncomfortable I've seen.

There is the couple played by Mads Ousdal and Pia Tjelta divorced after the wife's adulterous affair where the wife ended up with everything, the house, the kids, and the husband nothing, not even his job. To add insult to injury the wife is not even a very competent parent and seems to have something of a beginning alcohol problem, but her unsympathetic behaviour and goading finally drives her ex over the edge in the worst possible way.

The motivation for the husband in the final couple, played by Bjorn Floberg, to murder his wife and the commit suicide is harder to fathom. I still don't know why.
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