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9 1/2 Weeks' famously steamy sex scenes titillate though the drama unfolding between the beddings is relatively standard for the genre.



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The title refers to the duration of the relationship between self-absorbed Wall Street shark Mickey Rourke and divorced art gallery owner Kim Basinger. Kim is looking for true love, while Mickey is searching for...gosh knows what. His notions of lovemaking include blindfolds, ice cubes, chocolate syrup, and rolling around on spent peanut shells. When the alotted 9 1/2 weeks are up, Kim has finally come to realize that Rourke has been using her. We could have told her that twenty minutes into the film. One of the definitive works in the Mickey Rourke ouevre, 9 1/2 Weeks is deliciously awful, and as such will probably endure as a Camp Classic for the next hundred years. The film is available in both R-rated and unrated versions; either way, it's a hoot. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

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  • Jul 02, 2012
    A Wall Street tycoon engages an art dealer in three months of sexual gamesmanship. I write this as straight as I can: "Damn, Mickey Rourke was hot." (Notice the lack of an exclamation point; it wouldn't be straight with an exclamation point.) His smoldering glances, his soft demands, and even his plaintive "I love you" make him irresistible, and because of his energy, we can sympathize more with Elizabeth who finds herself enmeshed in John's world. I have a friend who argues that Bella from the <i>Twilight</I> films is a strong heroine because it takes strength to surrender. Though I disagree with my friend, her theory stayed in my head throughout <i>9 1/2 Weeks</i>. Is Elizabeth a strong character? I think so, and I think my friend's theory has more applicability here than it does in <i>Twilight</i>. More to the point, Elizabeth represents a change in feminists in film as she serves her own sexual gratification at the same time she gratifies. I didn't think the subplot involving Elizabeth's ex-husband was well-developed, and what was the point of the violent alleyway mugging? Also, the film takes on a repetitive quality as it alternates between scenes with John and Elizabeth and scenes with Elizabeth's head rolled back in her work chair, thinking about John; it's a pattern that quickly becomes tiring. Overall, this is an interesting film within the context of feminist film theory, and it comes from Adrian Lyne, who is a master of the sensual and sexual.
    Jim H Super Reviewer
  • Jul 10, 2011
    *Gag. *gag. It's very hard to get through this film without the previous abhorrence and actions. Supposedly an erotic "drama", I've seen bowel movements more dramatic than this excuse for soft core porn on the screen. A young Basinger and even younger Rourke headline this catastrophe as intelligent and highly paid individuals who fall in love and have sex all over the city. Rourke has the personality of a pen, often creepily smiling while administering whatever form of S&M on Basinger, which is apparently supposed to fuel the film, but just titillates some messed up people, and makes me, as previously stated, gag. Plagued by an eighties soundtrack, a pithy script, and a series of scenes that either don't make sense, or annoy to the point of self-hatred for sitting down and watching it, 9 1/2 makes for an uncomfortable and often difficult view. Good for a gander into the Rourke of the eighties, in order to compare next to the steroids mess of the present, but otherwise, repress this like it were childhood trauma.
    Spencer S Super Reviewer
  • Dec 05, 2010
    Probably one of the most emotionally disturbing movies ever made. If you're looking for a fun 80s romantic comedy, this is not it. It's more of a psychological thriller about a borderline psychopath who takes interest in a divorced woman. Mickey Rourke is extremely scary and charming as a wallstreet power man, his intesity is off the charts. Kim Basinger gives what I feel is her best performance as a really wounded person in need of someone to love her and take care of her. The story works extremely well in the given setting and time period, analyzing the decade's stereotypes and the roles of men and women. You can't find a more moody visual style, which was one of the most expressive parts of the movie. It's really one of the most unique movies ever made, i've never seen anything like it.
    Conner R Super Reviewer
  • Sep 26, 2010
    This film is loosing its appeal. No longer considered racy or explicit by todays standards, it just falls into a weird middle ground of romance and mild thrill. Silly, strange, and random, the movie feels very out of place and misguided. The leading man Mickey Rourke plays a character that is mostly silent which you could either consider as creepy or mysterious but somewhat boring. This is just one of those late night Hanky Panky movies on Skin a max, that you watch only to get into the mood and then forget about the next day, kinda like a 1 night stand. Except the actors are quite an upgrade from your usual group. Anyway this is an 80s film that pushed the envelop a little and begged for that NC 17 rating I just dont think it earned it.With all the other kinky stuff from the 80s like Madonna and Sharon Stone this was one of the less memorable milestones. 1 last comment...Wow what the hell happened to Mickey Rourke's face over the years? Hes Hamburger.
    Jess B Super Reviewer

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