9 Dead Gay Guys Reviews

November 27, 2008
Takes place in such a cartoonish, good-natured universe it's hard to imagine anyone taking offense.
June 4, 2004
Ridiculous and offensive.
January 9, 2004
If garbage could think, it would look down on 9 Dead Gay Guys as garbage.
November 20, 2003
Feeble and unfunny.
November 20, 2003
Nonstop racial, sexual and cultural stereotypes parade across the screen with little wit or real humor to guide them.
October 27, 2003
Witless, sophomoric and relentlessly frenetic.
October 17, 2003
Straight or gay, viewers will find 9 Dead Gay Guys offensive and unwatchable.
October 16, 2003
The film strains mightily to be flashy and hip but finishes more in the realm of the merely distasteful.
October 14, 2003
A flimsily scripted quest for hidden loot.
August 27, 2003
Unfortunately director Mo Lab is so caught up in flashy visuals that he misses the fact that the script is badly structured and stuffed with cringe-worthy gags.
April 10, 2003
It's mindless.