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June 7, 2016
The tone is Rabelaisian and earthily comic in the minimalist, picturesque squalor of the settings.
May 26, 2016
With a title that translates roughly as Attaboy!, this engaging and percipient period comedy focuses on the enslavement of the Roma people in 19th-century Romania.
March 28, 2016
Somehow director Radu Jude's decision to film in black-and-white only heightens that sense of reality: It's as if the film is some ancient newsreel.
March 24, 2016
Shot in stark black and white, the picture's sense of place and time is strong - pungently so.
February 25, 2016
It's a tough world out there, and Costandin has found a way to survive in it. It's not always pretty, but in "Aferim!" it's never less than interesting.
February 11, 2016
Shot in black and white with fade-out transitions, the movie harks back to classic westerns. But it's also distinctly modern.
June 28, 2016
Yet another film about how superior we are to those awful racists from the 19th-century.
June 27, 2016
Aferim! is the opposite of a cultural celebration. It uses startling, hilarious misanthropy to portray Eastern Europe's immoral legacy - a hapless, dissolute, pusillanimous culture that has bequeathed the region a cynical present.
May 31, 2016
Although he's taking on a complex historical time...Radu Jude has made a very entertaining film...Marius Panduru, shooting long takes in b&w 35mm, achieves the illusion of a mittel-European Western rediscovered decades after its release.
May 25, 2016
Jude keeps his camera at judicious distance, but its grit sets it apart from the stern minimalism of most contemporary Romanian filmmaking.
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