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In this 3-D sequel to Creature from the Black Lagoon, the scaly creature is brought from his Amazon swamp to a Florida tourist trap where he's the main attraction. Of course the gil-guy breaks loose and frightens the good Florida citizens. This film is Clint Eastwood's movie debut.


John Agar
as Prof. Clete Ferguson
Lori Nelson
as Helen Dobson
John Bromfield
as Joe Hayes
Robert B. Williams
as George Johnson
Charles Cane
as Captain of Police
Ricou Browning
as The Gill Man
Clint Eastwood
as Lab Technician
Brett Halsey
as Teenager in a car
Robert Hoy
as Teenager in a car
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Audience Reviews for Revenge of the Creature

  • Oct 07, 2015
    The lack of a conscience lets the film down.
    Marcus W Super Reviewer
  • Oct 23, 2014
    Slowly reducing the Gill-Man to a horny skulking baddie, Revenge evinces all of the unfortunate hallmarks of what happens when a sequel gets rushed into production. The Frankenstein franchise at least waited 4 chapters before making a B-line in this unfortunate direction. Most of the ingredients that made the Black Lagoon so successful returned for another dish: ace horror director Jack Arnold and 3-frigging-D technology. Unfortunately, the misunderstood monster that proved so elusive in the way superior first film gets captured in the first reel and put on display in a Sea World-type venture, only to escape, kill, and occasionally pine for bikini-clad eye candy. In this unrated continuation of the Universal horror franchise, hunters capture the creature from the Black Lagoon and unsuccessfully try to make him an aquarium attraction. Wonky script aside, some of this straight-ahead creature features scarier moments hold up, but Revenges most important mark in H'Wood history remains Clint Eastwood's screen debut. Otherwise, this creature feature made mere months after the first chapter smells like low tide. Bottom line: Swimming with Shards
    Jeff B Super Reviewer
  • Sep 22, 2011
    Superb sequel to The Creature from the Black Lagoon, Revenge of the Creature picks up a year after the first film. A successful capture of the Gill Man by two oceanographers and put him on display at a Marine park. The "Gill-Man" as he is called is a hit at the park. At first things go without a hitch, but as the film progresses, the Gill-Man breaks free and goes on a rampage and escapes the park. Revenge of the Creature is a solid follow-up to the classic Creature from the Black Lagoon. The film is superbly acted and directed, and the pace of the story is very good. I very much enjoyed the storyline to this sequel, and I thought it was a great continuation to the first. The film like the first has some incredible underwater cinematography, and it adds incredible atmosphere to this classic horror film. The cast do a fine job and they deliver great performances. What I thoroughly enjoyed about this film is the effects, I thought for the time period they were very well done, and even if by today's fancy CGI techniques, the special effects used in this film are still relevant and groundbreaking to the cinematic medium. Revenge of the Creature, is not as grand a film, as Creature from the Black Lagoon, but the film is nonetheless a classic monster horror film, and it delivers some very good entertainment. The film is wonderful because of the strong cast, interesting story, great cinematography and of course the Gill-Man's knack for killing and wrecking havoc.
    Alex r Super Reviewer
  • Jul 05, 2010
    The film begins back in the same lagoon where the creature was left at the end of the last film. The same local captain has agreed to take some idiots from America to capture the creature. Now considering how scared this captain was and how he lost several crew members in the last film, it's amazing that he'd once again take such a risk--especially since all he does is complain about this! Quite surprisingly, the monster is actually captured relatively quickly and most of the film actually takes place in and around Marineland in Florida (near St. Augustine). Seeing this "thing" in a giant aquarium as gawking stand about is a bit surreal, but once he escapes (a must for the film), things heat up considerably. Along for the ride are a behavioral scientist (John Agar) and the requisite "babe", the hot grad student and ichthyologist played by Lori Nelson. Both of them work with the creature trying to determine its intelligence and trainability--though the methods did seem a bit cruel. So, when the Creature breaks free, I found myself rooting for it--a real plus in a monster film when you have sympathy for the object of so much terror. As for Agar, he has a terrible reputation as an actor, but he was quite competent here. There are a couple of things viewers might want to look out for. First, it's pretty obvious that there are two different people playing the Creature if you try to spot the differences. In the underwater scenes, the guy inside this complex suit is skinnier and on land he's chunkier--perhaps so he can carry about the "screaming hot babe" required by such films. Second, it's also pretty obvious that this was originally a 3-D film---as the monster and arms and all kinds of stuff come hurtling at the camera. While it isn't hokey, it is noticeable. Overall, a nice higher budget horror film that excels in practically every way. The only negatives are that it's a sequel (in other words, it loses a point for originality) and occasionally the characters do act a bit dumb--but this can be forgiven since it's still a vastly superior film to the sort of schlock horror that was so common in the 50s.
    David L Super Reviewer

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