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½ November 3, 2014
Such a shame. If the sound was any good, this could have been "so bad it's good."
½ March 16, 2012
What a mess. No wonder Madonna didn't want anyone to see this.
December 31, 2011
a good film but rubbish quality
½ December 20, 2010
*Grade corrected after watching mission to Mars* - It is a 5 AM & some nights I'm quite enough fool to "a certain sacrifice" for watching a specific movie ... specific because of a star or plot or whatever. I'm quite impressed by Madonna because she experimented the worst for coming to the best & here we have the worst, trust me, hopefully I laughed a lot & the movie lasts only 1h. It is like Terry Gilliam who gathered the Monthy Python & say lets try the latest drug that exist & do a remake of an Eastern German Erotic movie in NY with a Japanese scenarist (for adding perversion) & some Star Wars Transitions. To compare to this, Desperately Seeking Susan is a masterpiece. My god, after "the down" this is the worst movie I saw. Was the director drunk or what ?It is not even amateur, lightning is catastrophic, sound is crap & acting is poor. A child would do a better movie. I would be shame to release a such movie even if Madonna was there. I understand her why she wanted to ban this movie. By the way, for the few scenes Madonna is already clearly different & more charismatic from the rest despite she's not at her advantage. If you want to add "the worst movie I watched was" in your diner's discussion, watch it ... or Mission to Mars.
½ August 21, 2009
A Certain Sacrifice is the singer Madonna's first movie, made in September 1979. .
Madonna played the part of Bruna, a Lower East Side resident who lives with three "love slaves" (one male, one female, one transgender). Bruna meets Dashiell (Pattnosh) in the water fountain in Washington Square Park and the two "fall in love". Bruna tells her lovers she doesn't need them anymore. They attack her sexually (this scene caused controversy since Madonna is topless LOL). Later, Bruna is raped by Raymond Hall (Kurtz) in a bathroom at a coffee shop. To exact retribution, Bruna enlists her love slaves and Dashiell to abduct the rapist. They dress up as hookers and lure him into a limo. They lead him to a theatre where a Satanic sacrifice is performed. Dashiell laters wipes Raymond's blood all over Bruna.
In 1985, A Certain Sacrifice was released on video to capitalize on Madonna's fame.
½ February 20, 2009
A boy does NOT want to rake the leaves. There's an argument. Two guys in a diner have a conversation that threatens to never ever EVER end. There's an argument. Close-ups of eyes and the wall.

A guy with band-aids on his face approaches a girl dancing in a sprinkler. He pulls a gun on her, and they fall in love. But there's trouble in paradise when he finds out she has a "family of lovers." There's an argument. Close-ups of eyes and the ground. He also argues with a landlady.

When the girl is attacked in the bathroom, there's nothing left to do but call on her family of lovers for help. They kidnap the attacker and force him to watch their song and dance routine that doesn't come close to syncing up with the soundtrack. There's, of course, more close-ups of eyes and then they kill him... or something.

The film ends with a touching scene of the young couple making love bathed in the attacker's blood, and they all live happily ever after... all but the audience of course.

"A Certain Sacrifice" is a very low-budget exploitation film starring everyone's favorite tramp, Madonna, before she was discovered. It was shot in 1979 but was not released (for obvious reasons) until 1985 after Madonna's superstardom. The actors made up most of the dialogue, and the audience was apparently supposed to make up most of the plot. The cameraman seemed to be a quadriplegic, flailing around randomly, shooting everything except what's going on. The editor must have refused to cut a single second of the pointless and excruciatingly dull footage. Our only salvation from the hideous acting is that most of the dialogue was obscured by background noise. Surely there must be a better way to see Madonna's boobs.
December 6, 2008
Low budget crap but interesting as it is Madonna's first ever screen debut!
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½ August 30, 2008
God awful. Would have never seen the light of day if Madonna hadn't been in it.
August 26, 2008
This was filmed around '79 - ''80 but not released until Madonna was a household name. This is Madonna's feature film debut and it is a very low budget affair. It looks like total crap on all DVD released versions (both in the UK and USA) which are smudgy and have 'ghosting' (trails). The original VHS version looks better. The story: Basically, Madonna's character (Bruna) gets raped so her boyfriend and her army of lovers hunt the rapist down then perform a sacrfiice which involves singing a song (though Madonna doesn't sing in this film) before killing him. His blood is then contained in a goblet and later smeared onto Madonna's body. The end. A difficult film to watch as some of the dialogue is pretty hard to hear and some scenes are very long with not much happening. An interesting curio all the same. There was also a 'Making Of A Certain Sacrifice' video released at the time of its original VHS release which i would love to get hold of.
July 21, 2008
movie not that good but its got madonna in it so must give it a 5 :}
April 20, 2008
this was a kick ass movie. i love it. the song 'demon lover' is the best thing.
January 5, 2008
Out on DVD a last. A must see for die hard Madonna fans, or cult fans.

It follows the then 20 year old Madonna as sexy streetwise drifter Bruna who after being raped in a coffee shop avenages her attacker with the hot Jeremy Pattnosh by executing him under the Brooklyn Bridge.

Shot in 1979 in NYC this lofty Super 8 grainy film carries an infectious soundtrack but most of all a superstar in the making, just burning to be known.

You have to see this even if it's just to see the evil Raymond Hall!
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November 24, 2007
Interesting to see Madonna so early in her career. The movie itself wasn't so bad, but the poor quality makes it hard to enjoy.
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