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October 20, 2014
Filme de yakuzas com o selo Nikkatsu é talvez demasiado ameno até ao momento em que acorda para um extraordinário showdown. Jo Shishido mostra uma vez mais que é cool as fuck e que tem as maçãs do rosto mais icónicas de todo o cinema japonês.
½ June 22, 2013
One of the films resurrected by the Criterion Collection (under their Eclipse moniker) in the Nikkatsu Noir boxset (Nikkatsu being the film studio that produced this and other sixties noirs). Joe Shishido stars as a stoic hitman who is "surviving" in his contract work for a yakuza gang -- but this game has no rules and its players have no morals. When he is inevitably double-crossed, survival becomes harder. A late noir following all the conventions but playing a lot more like a western, complete with Morricone-like soundtrack. At the end, Joe stands alone in the dust, ready for the final shoot-out (a la High Noon). Stylish but not ground-breaking.
½ April 14, 2013
Gritty, well done gangster movie--Terrific!!
½ June 9, 2012
A blend of Euro-American cinema trends with a Japanese twist. Although the three piece suits and sunglasses lend a noir aesthetic to this, make no mistake, this is a spaghetti western. The twangy electric guitar with the Morricone-esque whistling is a big tip-off. A gun for hire and his sidekick go on the run from their employer as well as the clutches of the gang whose boss they just murdered.

The movie is more interested in looking cool (and look cool it does) than characters or narrative, but you know...that's enough. There is also some very cinematography and camerawork here, as well as some really good acting, particularly the femme fatale Mina. Stylish and brutal, the cool of the 60s Nikkatsu 'borderless action' is at some of its best here.
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March 8, 2012
This is another of the films that is found on the Criterion Collection's release entitled Nikkatsu Noir and is part of their Eclipse Series. "A Colt is my Passport" is another stylish and fun noir thriller that is filled with action and results in a climatic final showdown that is a blast to watch! The acting is good and the film is a fun and action filled 85 minutes that build and build until the last showdown. If you are a fan of Japanese films then this as well as the Nikkatsu Noir set is a great set to check out and most are available through Hulu Plus currently. Fast paced and fun from beginning to end, this is a solid Japanese film that is worth your time!
February 27, 2012
Another little gem from the noir wizards of 60s Nikkatsu.
January 18, 2012
A good old fashioned Japanese crime drama is the age old tale of an assassin who is doublecrossed by the Yakuza that hired him and now he must either get away and get even. This type of movie is usually classic cool and this flick definitely fits into that mold.
December 31, 2011
Good bit of Japanese noir. The violence was supposed to be startling, and the cinematography gorgeous. It came through on the latter, the former was quite tame. Good bit of Western thrown in the mix. Fun but dated.
½ October 28, 2011
A quite brilliant Japanese film noir classic with some overtones of the Italian spaghetti western genre thrown in. Even though this is a Japanese movie, it seems the director tried to give it a European vibe. It's also very stylish and well made throughout. Jo Shishido gives an excellent performance as the maverick hitman Kamimura and his appearance with his puffed up cheeks certainly make him stand out and looking like a chipmunk!! Apparently he had implants inserted in his cheeks for that effect. The action is exciting and gripping especially the explosive finale. At only 85 mins long, the plot rifles along at a rocket's pace. Once you start watching it you will not want to look away from the screen as the storyline sucks you in. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and I heartily recommend it.
½ October 5, 2011
A steady mix of film noir, gangster, and spaghetti western filmmaking. The result is one of the best films of the 60's. The characters are cool and never cliche, with an action finale that will leave you breathless.
½ August 31, 2011
A tight, effective gangster noir about a hitman on the run after a hit. More like 3.75 stars.
April 29, 2011
A slick crime picture.
November 10, 2010
????????????? of course i would be the first to rate a classical crime drama such as this... 6 stars
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½ October 20, 2010
In "A Colt Is My Passport," Kamimura(Jo Shishido) has been hired by Tsugawa(Asao Uchida) to kill Shimazu(Kanjuro Arashi), a rival crime lord who has been encroaching on his territory, and will be paid in return for proof. He goes one better, killing him in the prsence of Tsugawa with the minor inconvenience of having to talk to the police. Now, having been paid, all Kamimura and his partner Shiozaki(Jerry Fujio) have to do is get to the airport to leave the country but their way is blocked. Luckily, they had second brakes installed on their car and they make their way to a modest inn near a port to await a boat they can leave on. However, that is not the end of their troubles.

"A Colt Is My Passport" is a stylish crime drama that feels like a western mostly due to its distinctive musical score and climactic scene. The movie is about how running away from your troubles is never the answer, no matter how big they may be. It does threaten to go cute at one point and I should warn my more sensitive readers of a musical number, clashing with the otherwise hardboiled tone of the movie. Contrary to appearances, it does not violate my rule against sympathetic killers because the mob bosses are far worse than they are and without any honor. In fact, they represent bosses of any stripe, willing to exploit their workers like making the truckers drive 30 hours straight or cracking down on the barge workers.
½ September 27, 2010
"The god of death follows me everywhere." Jo Shishido (Branded to Kill, Cruel Gun Story) and his Godfather Brando cheeks stars as a hitman stashed away in a seedy motel after what appears to be a successful assassination. But when the gang war turns into rainbows and lollipops, the yakuza peace means beatings and shootouts for Shishido. Labled as Nikkatsu Noir, the wide lensed camera and Morriconesque score give a more Spaghetti Western presentation. Whatever the label might be, this is superb crime fiction and well worth you attention. VF.
August 9, 2010
A hit man, on the run after a successful job, is betrayed by his employer after a corporate merger.
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July 13, 2010
Part of Eclipses? Nikatsu Noir boxset, this if a fantastic, gritty little film with a great lead performance from Jo Shishido (of Branded to Kill fame).  A hitman and his partner find themselves on the run, and hole up in a little hotel as they wait to make their escape from Tokyo.  A fantastic film
July 8, 2010
Not a very convincing love relationship between Shuji and Mina. I don't understand why they need to add this in. Other than that, this movie has a good mix of noir, samurai film, French gangster movies, and spaghetti westerns all in one.
April 28, 2010
Colt is my Passport is part of the well known Japanese gangster movie series from Studio Nikkatsu. The movie does not disappoint, it is a fun mix of noir, gangster action and western. The action is particularry interesting and entertaining, and one must say it has the most coolest end climax scene ever.

Story wise the movie follows Japanese tradition, all the parties involved are rather quickly introduced in the beginning, so one better be sharp in the start or prepare to stay on the back seat guessing what is going on for the rest of the movie.

The show is totally stolen by Jo Shishido and his ridicilous facial implants, I don't know who ever thought cheek implants would be cool on action star but nobody can deny that they give the lead an unique look! After the initial shock and comedy of the leads cheeks is over, J.Shishido puts up a convincing role as tough as titan hit man making a hard get away from villains with his girl friend. The movie is overall better than average entertainment and must see for all ganster film genre fans.
½ February 5, 2010
Joe Shishido, he of the unmistakable surgically-altered cheeks, stars in a film similar to his work in Branded to Kill, from the same year. Both movies are excellent, but for different reasons. Branded to Kill is surreal spin on the yakuza flick, with an anything-goes, who-gives-a-fuck attitude. Colt takes the yakuza flick and blends it with equal parts noir and spaghetti western, resulting in a beautifully crafted, tightly plotted cat-and-mouse game. Shishido is as slick and cunning as James Bond and there's a lot of clever ruses and tense scenarios. Director Takashi Nomura manages to keep just about every shot interesting, culminating in a superb climax that could have come straight out of a Leone film. Very enjoyable.
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