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November 2, 2012
A surprisingly funny movie that doesn't quite reach the heights it seems to be aiming for, but Fischer and Benedict are more than likeable enough to carry the load of the movie.
October 20, 2012
the help this chick needs is clear at least it was 2 me she needs AA and alanon too
½ September 18, 2012
Meh, I like Jenna Fischer.
½ August 30, 2012
I was definitely let down by this movie. The whole plot was slow and Fischer's character was a mess from the beginning to the ending when she drove away while the credits rolled. Maybe someone will find the deeply hidden moral message of this movie and let me know what I missed.
½ August 5, 2012
I'd rate this piece of cr@p NO stars if I could. This flick was so g--d@mn boring. I am so glad I did not see this at the movies. My grade: F
½ July 20, 2012
Ever feel like everybody sucks and your whole worldâ(TM)s falling apart? Then watch this film. I pitied and adored this poor girl, Laura, the dental hygienist portrayed by Jenna Fischer, relating fully to her dilemmas. There was a time I used to be just like this--strong willed people mistaking my kindness for stupidity and imposing their selfish agendas on my easy-going passive personality. An amusing story and sad at the same time; every character is interesting and well-developed; thoughtfully written and a great character study that wraps up bittersweet with some good life-skill training you can take home with you.
½ July 14, 2012
Looking at the reviews, I am surprised at how unpopular this movie was. The acting was great and the story recognizable in that all of us need a little help. Add humor and character development and it was a movie to remember.
July 7, 2012
First off ... the writing is horrible; which is too bad as the cast is good and just has nothing to work with. Don't waste your time on this poorly written film. Just made me feel awkward through out.
½ July 7, 2012
More like real life, it's not just 0s and 1s, there's always grey areas.
July 4, 2012
Jenna Fischer is Laura. She has an unfaithful husband who has an untimely death at the beginning of the movie. Laura has a son she has to raise on her own and has to deal with her small amount of income. Her husband doesnâ(TM)t leave her anything to work with and she has many struggles she needs to handle on her own. Filled with an obnoxious mother, nosy sister, and spacey father. This movie captures the relationship growth between her and her distant son. It was interesting seeing Jenna Fischer in a different role. Overall an interesting movie but it didnâ(TM)t stand out too much.
June 5, 2012
I love Jenna Fischer, but this was really not my kind of movie. It was slow moving and depressing and it just sort of ends. There were one or two funny parts, bu that's all the good I can say.
June 4, 2012
This film has some decent things to say and tries very hard to do so but the writers miss the boat too often. Fischer is good but most scenes are stolen by Rob Benedict who plays Paul, Fischer's brother in law. The film likely would have played better from his point of view as protagonist. Soundtrack is appealing.
½ June 1, 2012
Nothing wrong with it, just didn't expect it to be what it was...however, that's probably it's best quality. Fischer plays a woman who's life is in a rut, then her husband (O'Donnell) drops dead and it's time to pick up and move on. Good performance by Rob Benedict, who really needs to get more work. Nothing worth running out for, but if you like Fischer it's a definite opposite from 'Pam' on the Office.
May 20, 2012
Good rainy day flick about how everyone is dysfunctional. I really liked it. It's on VOD right now.
April 29, 2012
I wanted to like this movie, and a I think Jenna Fischer does a great job... but I found myself spacing out and thinking about how I should go grocery shopping.
April 17, 2012
I am a fan of The Office and I always was the one rooting for Jenna Fischer in movies that weren't really about her character. However, she was the main character here and turned out to be the character I despised the most.
The movie was slow and lacked a good group of characters. Not one of them was interesting or stood out, even the dark rocker nephew. I didn't know how to feel about Fischer's character and because of that I felt annoyed. I understand what the movie was trying to accomplish, but it failed miserably.
April 13, 2012
a good drama comedy film.
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½ April 10, 2012
This movie is a little slow, but the cast is good. I always thought Fischer was easy to watch as an actress, regardless of what role she plays, and she doesn't disappoint in this one. Worth watching, but not going to win any awards.
April 8, 2012
Painful. One of those movies where you want to turn it off but you're hoping it redeems itself, but it just gets more painful.
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March 29, 2012
A Little Help is what I wish I could have given to the main character, who is so trapped under the dysfunction of her family that she is wreaking havoc on herself and within her mind. I was really surprised by the level of dramatic tension and haunting dexterity of Jenna Fischer's performance. Most well known for her awkward comedy chops on the NBC show The Office, Fischer seems destined to be a dramatic indie actress. She molds this film expertly as the disheveled Laura, who goes through a life changing experience and doesn't change. Early on her husband dies, and a chain reaction is set off that ruins the life of her son, changes the attitudes of her mother, sister, and brother-in-law, and leaves her penniless and lost without hope. Throughout the film we watch Laura squirm to find some salvation, some answer to the reason why she is outcast from everyone she meets. Laura is likable in many respects, and real in her lapses in judgment and the way she lives her life. She does try to find simple comforts, or at least some escape from the bitter mourning of her husband, and the judgmental looks of her young son. Her son, by the way, was certainly the best part of the movie, as he maneuvers through life by letting his mother lean on him in times of crises, and sets her out to dry during the others. The actor in question (Daniel Yelsky) is one to watch in the coming years. Really, it's about people whose lives haven't turned out the way they wanted by simple events they can't control. It's set in 2002, a while after 9/11, which was addressed within the film. It really helps open the wounds of many characters, and shows the pink underbelly of those with little to cling to. Really, it's impressive what this film did with what it had, and was great to say the least.
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