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A Night Out (Champagne Charlie) (Charlie's Drunken Daze) (His Night Out) Reviews

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½ February 25, 2012
In this Essanay short, the Tramp meets up with an old friend and they decide to have a night out. Oh, so that's where they got the title. Clever! Anyway, they get wasted, have crazy adventures with a cute girl from a hotel, and act a fool. Thanks Ludacris for learning us nice grammar!

A Night Out is absolutely hilarious. It's like a physical comedy masterclass. In both good ways and bad. It's good because the film is just 34 minutes of jokes and gags with laughter and silliness. It's bad because that's all it is. Not much story to it, but it shouldn't bother you at all. Charlie displays his unfaltering talent and showcases his famous drunk character with perfect precision. He is just on point here, at the top of his game. His co-stars are brilliant as well. Ben Turpin plays off Chaplin's character fantastically, and Edna Purviance's film debut is delightful. It's not as captivating or gripping as Charlie's masterpieces, but it's just wholly entertaining and fun. So much so, that I wouldn't feel right about giving it a score lower than 90.
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October 13, 2010
Again, Ben Turpin was great if not better than Chaplin's performance here. As usual, there's lots of kicks, slaps, punches and a freefall. But what made this Essanay short work is the chemistry between Turpin and Chaplin; The rest is a usual exercise of comic excesses, and part of Chaplin's continuing dress rehearsals into greater things.
½ August 26, 2010
Some of you might have noticed that I've been rating a lot of Charlie Chaplin films from 1914 lately (22 so far and counting. There were actually 35 CC-films released that year). Well, here's a short from 1915 for a change.
July 20, 2009
A fun short from Charlie, with some gags that elicit plenty of laughter. It especially kicks up once Charlie gets back home and the interaction begins with Edna and the head waiter in earnest. The film doesn't really offer much beyond the silliness however, making it enjoyable, but not great.
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½ January 8, 2009
The video I saw wasn't a very good transfer. However I don't know if there are other copies with more complete footage or if this is pretty much the best available. Charlie works with four of his regular collaborators, Turpin, Jamison, Purviance, and White. As one of the versions of the title states this is all about a drunken daze. Pratfalls and slapstick all happen through accidents. Charlie doesn't appear to be aware of most of what's going on. So there is not as much social commentary going on in this one. The dandy seems stuck up and Charlie and Ben are just trying to enjoy themselves, but flailing arms and random pokes only lead to a manic fight between Charlie and Ben in the end.
November 25, 2008
I always laugh with Chaplin
November 18, 2008
Plenty of laughs, but lacks the usual heart found in Chaplin's work.
½ November 16, 2008
Charlie displays one of his favorite pantomime acts her- the drunken daze. The stunts are all wacky and the gags full of life as The Tramp stumbles through awkward encounter after awkward encounter.
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