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½ October 2, 2014
good supernatural pic
June 29, 2014
A solid but modest ghost film
May 27, 2013
It's a good plot but it really trudges along dreadfully. I have to admit that I was very interested in the ending so I stuck with it. The end of the story was good, but I developed a headache waiting for it.
January 1, 2012
great ghost movie, subtle yet effective.m good story
September 9, 2009
This is an odd one; completely gratuitous aging of James Mason for no discernible reason. The make-up is distracting!
September 2, 2009
A Place of One's Own (1945) -- [4.0] -- Stodgy British production about a young woman who moves in with an elderly couple, only to become possessed by the spirit of a woman who was murdered there long ago. The execution is so dry, the film barely registers as a supernatural tale at all. There's also no attempt to create any mood or atmosphere, and boy, does it need some. "A Place of One's Own" is dull. The characters are so prim and proper, their reactions to spiritual rape never pass mild bemusement. By the time the movie resolves its mystery, which happens very quickly in the final minutes, you can't remember why you even cared.
August 19, 2009
no the others or the haunting but still good
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