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February 5, 2014
Saw the earlier one starring Parker Stevenson, which I really enjoyed. Wonder if this one will measure up - rated on the low side, however.
½ January 27, 2014
Acceptable- for a TV movie a decade ago.
June 12, 2013
It's ok. Just nothing much happening to keep my attention.
½ August 15, 2012
Complete shit, just like the book it's based off of!
½ March 21, 2012
A separate peace was a book I love as a high school. I'm not sure I would love it as much as an adult. In any case this was a disappointment because it really just skimmed the story. The gay subtext is still there but the focus on friendship nearly disappears. It also gets wrapped up in a warm fuzzy way that was very different from the book ending.
August 16, 2011
Liked this movie, didn't love it, and some of the casting choices were odd, but this movie was not bad at all. It was a typical TV movie, but it loses the charm of the original novel and ends up just being mediocre. That being said, I really did like the film. C+
January 10, 2011
A bit trite, or maybe just familiar (and I liked "Dead Poet's Society" better, but I liked the scenery, and since I went to an all-girl's school, I'm a bit of a sucker for this sort of movie. Otherwise, I might have given this one an "OK" 2 stars.
October 18, 2010
Showtime-produced adaptation of the Knowles classic. This movie is to the book as a Hungry Man frozen dinner is to haute cuisine. However, I watched this mostly for prurient reasons. Sometimes a prep school movie with shirtless young men is all one really needs. On that basis alone I'd give it 3/5 stars.
May 28, 2010
Watched in my English II class and really like it but i wasnt very happy with the ending. other wise i thought it was a really good movie
½ February 8, 2010
No where near as good as the book, i was cheering when Phineas died in the film due to his mediocre acting and horrible screen adapting while in the book it made me very emotional. Awful movie that has definitely dated.
½ June 22, 2009
I liked the book better, but this was amazing, and it was nice to have a visual aid.
½ May 4, 2009
Normally I don't read stories but this one looks like it has an understanding for me.
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½ March 13, 2009
Read the book of this for a school project. Personally Im not sure which I liked more. I think it might be the book just because things were explained better and more realistic. The movie itself though was alright, average all around.
August 8, 2008
I read THE BOOK for school and i hated it.. It was so boring and had no point.
½ July 10, 2008
Though I initially balked at the casting choices made for both Gene and Finny, as the movie progressed, they began to fall into their roles and ended up filling them out nicely. Sure, a lot of nuance was lost, but a first-person novel is difficult to translate onto the screen. Nonetheless, the environment and mood were there, which are two of the things that made the book so memorable. In the end, it was thought-provoking and heartbreaking, as it was supposed to be.

Still, the book was better.
May 27, 2008
It followed the events of the book, but didn't demonstrate an understanding of the heart of it.
½ May 18, 2008
Have yet to read the book.
May 11, 2008
I just don?t understand why there isn?t a decent movie made about this awful book. It just doesn?t make sense to me; basically every high school has to read this. They can?t make a timeless version that people will be interested in seeing so it makes the book more tolerable? It seems like a no-brainer. Either that, or education needs to be revamped as whole and the canon rethought.
April 30, 2008
When I picked this up at the library I knew the titled sounded so familiar but it wasn't until I got a few minutes in I recalled reading the novel in high school....which let's say left a more memorable impression than the movie.
½ April 22, 2008
definately not as good as the book
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