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October 24, 2011
i've only seen the second one.
October 3, 2010
Excellent !!!! un premier film d'ado a la québécoise, mission réussie selon moi! Toute la recette est la pour créer un bon film, et pour moi ça fonctionné car j'ai vraiment entré dans l'histoire et j'ai adoré. Un film à revoir.
July 27, 2009
J'aime mieux le 2 ;)
June 28, 2009
J'espérais que la tendance américaine des teen movies de filles nounounes ne se soit pas répandue jusqu'ici mais bon... C'est un bon film.
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½ March 5, 2009
...Oh, lord. To type down everything bad, very bad or unspeakably bad about this movie clearly is an impossible thing to do, but I can assure you, I will do my very best.

First and foremost, the purpose. Months before the release, everyone involved on this drivel (cast, producers, director) had already admitted to the media this was a ''commercial'' flick and that there was nothing wrong with simple entertainment. I absolutely do agree with that statement alone, but what we have here is a shameless piece of excrement, effortlessly written and with no conviction beyond applying the endless formula just to rake in the bucks. Everything, hear me, EVERYTHING here has already been seen before bazillions of times in its American counterparts but with far more wit, energy or just plain effort. The dialogue is mercilessly flat (wait 'til you hear the dubbed version, too), the jokes are as funny as cancer, the chemistry nonexistant and the conventional relationship zig-zags are only more painful to get through than usual (and *that's* saying something).

With a cast that, without any exception, all look too old for their parts and terribly out of place, and a monstrous per-minute product placement ratio, this lazy abomination has clearly earned its place in the ranks of what I call 'dead cinema'. Everyone involved should be seriously ashamed of insulting the nine to fifteen year old girls' intelligence like that, and everyone else not falling in that range that are curious, if only for one tiny bit, should RUN THE FUCK AWAY.
February 15, 2009
I own it, so I might as well see it once.
October 16, 2008
C'est bien parce que c'est un film québécois car l'interprétation de plusieurs acteurs laisse à désirer... Parlons d'abord de la médiocre performance d'Alexandre Dépatie. Décidemment, qu'il oublie sa carrière d'acteur et qu'il se concentre davantage sur ses plongeons.
*En passant, je déteste l'affiche du film... -qui est cette fille ? quel est ce chandail ? quel est ce nombril ??
**Espérons mieux dans la suite du film...
September 29, 2008
Ce film offre une narration riche en emotion! De ce milieu scolaire inquietant, on est trouble par le manque de savoir-vivre et de communication de ces jeunes. De ce fait, c'est une oeuvre ou le lecteur voudrait vivement que Gaby Roberge puisse devenir heureuse. Cette oeuvre vaut d'emblee beaucoup de merite, car elle presente l'importance de se connaitre soi-même, en faisant l'effort de choisir des bonnes valeurs.
½ September 12, 2008
Marilou Wolfe Ou la la !
August 27, 2008
Film d'ados remplie de mots anglais et vulgaire sans y metre de la porno, ses ridicules. En plus trop de gros zoom sur les commanditaire, hahhaa
July 14, 2008
boffffff....... pas vraiment mon genre de film :P les acteurs sont pas trop crédibles
July 1, 2008
Ok, so here we got a classic romantic comedy in a highschool (jock and loser girl who used to be his friend) except that we have funny jokes and cool characters (my fav is the crazy little brother) and the movie is Quebecois (with the classic franglais expressions). See it puts a twist on things, and I like it!! :)
June 3, 2008
Je suis fier de notre film québécois ados ... great job pis en plus on voit alexandre despatie ... euh ... allo le corps d'athlete!!!
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½ June 3, 2008
À Vos Marques, Party, is as stupid as its title. And what makes it even more stupid is the fact that it resembles strangely the very popular film Mean Girls; not that it is identical.

Everything is cliché about this film. From the characters to the story to the school and its teachers. I mean come on, does it get any worse than this? Yes it does!

...The Music. FUCK MAN, each scene had its song. And the volume level? Horrid! I almost destroyed my hearing capablities trying to balance between the music and the actual dialogues.
Why the hell did they even try to embellish the film with music when all of it is crap music. Like Simple Plan and other kiddy rock groups?!

What I'm even more afraid is that my fellow french-canadians will delight in this genre and actually make more movies like this one. I hope not, 'cause then I'll have to resort to more serious measures, like switching nationalities for example.

And since I've been extremely harsh, I have to admit it was a little fun to watch. Bitchiness at its acme, we could say.
Then again, 2hours is fucking long for such a stupid film, so I take that back.

P.S. The school's heart-throb isn't even close to being cute. And this is like - the most important part of the film, mind you.
½ May 31, 2008
One of the best teen movies ever and it comes out of Quebec. Surprisingly multidimensional as it's not just about the unpoular girl chasing the jock. There are sveral layers to this homegrown production and solid overall writing.
April 10, 2008
Ce film vaut la peine...Juste pour Marie-Loup Wolfe en Riklku...
March 31, 2008
Je croyais avoir droit à une petite comédie téteuse, mais oh surprise!
Ce fut un pur délice! J'ai vraiment adoré! C'est drôle et touchant! Je comprends maintenant l'engoument et verrai la suite prévue pour bientôt!
½ March 7, 2008
J'ai bien aimée ce film! Mais sérieusement moi je penses que c'est un film de fille, à écouter dans des soirées de filles! ;)
½ February 28, 2008
I don't know why I watched this film, but once I started watching in on tv I couldn't stop, especially since I had nothing better to do. It was decent.... wish I could have seen it in a non-dubbed way....
½ February 28, 2008
J'ai deteste cette tentative de film d'ado quebecois. Un scenario tres faible truffe de musique un peu partout pour cacher le manque de contenu. Un ramassie de cliches soupoudres ici et la. Alexandre Despathie j'aime ce que tu fais comme athlete, mais s'il te plait arrete de jouer ou au moins prend des cours (manque de naturel total). Une etoile et demi surtout pour Melissa Desormeaux-Poulin qui malgre tout fais de beaux efforts, mais vu la qualite du scenario ne peut faire de miracle.

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