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½ November 25, 2011
There was a moment toward the end where I got the chills, thinking this movie was actually going somewhere, before it dropped back to the garbled mess that was its plot. Basically a giallo without the cool stuff.
½ July 20, 2009
Not a bad film, I liked how that it never ever seems to make an answer out of this bizarre situation and the thing that I found altogether neat was its very strange atmosphere, very puzzling and decently done with very little in exterior locations and minimalist expositions on all the characters. An interesting film to say the least.
June 15, 2008
Some nice atmospheric shots, and as usual in an Italian "Giallo-esque", lots of decadence and excessiveness. However, this film never seemed to get off the ground and just lumbered in a gloom that was ultimately pointless and left the viewer wishing they could reclaim that lost time.
November 1, 2007
Not interested. In general I don't like horror movies.
September 17, 2007
This sounds really really good.
September 9, 2007
Yet another film I cant wait to see!!!
August 7, 2007
Adam, I haven't frickin seen it.
July 15, 2007
The whisper says: Leave a comment on my snapvine player because it needs people.

It feasts on their flesh and such >_>"
October 13, 2006
Seriously... Buy 1 get 1 shit one free or wot
June 17, 2006
hum... this sounds interesting.
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