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January 26, 2018
The stakes are high in A Better Life and Bichir matches the film's tormented tone with a portrayal of a man overcome by both fear and faith.
July 10, 2017
...Weitz finds a third character in the form of the L.A. landscape. Appearing entirely Eden-like when we're in the gardens with Carlos, but rundown and seedy when he's in his own element, the city assumes all the dimensions of the American dream itself.
September 14, 2014
The film's beautiful simplicity is carried massively on the work of Demin Bichir, instantly and surely one of the best performances seen in 2011.
January 4, 2013
Well-acted, but quite over-hyped -- a melodramatic Mexican-American version of "Bicycle Thieves."
August 26, 2012
A Better Life is a half-step removed from the Hallmark Hall of Fame.
February 22, 2012
[A] gentle, honest, heartfelt film, but [it] does not have much to offer beyond an earnest respect for a segment of American society that is too often derided...
January 25, 2012
A well deserved Oscar nomination for Demian Bichir in a film with echoes of The Bicycle Thief.
December 24, 2011
Director Chris Weitz has done a credible job of bringing Roger Simon's story and Eric Eason's screenplay to cinematic life.
November 4, 2011
Although the structure of the film is conventional, the ending of the film is not. Unlike most films, it does have a real hero, Carlos.
October 31, 2011
A sympathetic tale about an illegal Mexican.
August 26, 2011
Essentially a variation on Vittorio De Sica's The Bicycle Thief, but it has a vitality and resonance all its own.
August 8, 2011
Modest as A Better Life may be in scope, it commits wholeheartedly to achieving the goal of socially conscious cinema: to make visible the previously unseen.
July 31, 2011
A movingly simple and simply moving father-son drama set in downtown LA, refreshingly free of pretentious narrative pyrotechnics. Have a hankie up your sleeve and hang your cynicism up at the door.
July 31, 2011
The sentimental saga of a father and son's stoical struggle against impossible odds.
July 31, 2011
It's a small, convincing, tightly constructed movie about an urgent, seemingly insoluble problem.
July 29, 2011
A compassionate, sensitive look at the precarious lives of those off the grid.
July 29, 2011
It speaks well enough about the fate of immigrants everywhere, especially those who want to work hard but end up being exploited.
July 29, 2011
July 28, 2011
Emotionally engaging immigrant drama enlivened by strong performances from its two leads, but it's slightly undone by an overly predictable script that prevents any real surprises.
July 28, 2011
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