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August 23, 2014
Not too good, but relaxing. A good background movie. Elisabeth Moss looking frumpy which is a good thing.
September 12, 2013
I saw this at a film festival and loved it! It's a sweet movie with a realistic view of all kinds of relationships, not just romantic ones, and the difficult choices people have to make in pursuit of their dreams.Gavin Bellour is charming and convincing as a struggling singer-songwriter on his personal journey to success, and the fetching Elisabeth Moss is completely believable as a dressed-down, damaged girl next door who is on her own journey. It was a pleasant surprise to see reggae rock-star Matisyahu in the film, and he really does a fine job. Who knew he could act?Other recognizable faces include Lee Garlington from some of the Psycho films, Tim Guinee from Marvel's Iron Man series, and comedienne/activist Annabelle Gurwitch, too...all of them do a great jobAs soon as the end credits finished, my wife and I immediately wanted to go out and buy the soundtrack. The music alone is worth the price of admission.
January 1, 2013
A buddy story takes you on the journey of a talented musician that embodies the drive that lives in all artful souls. He has a kindred spirit in the form of his neighbor a soft spoken girl that has more fire inside her than meets the eye.
The road they journey takes them to some very odd and always interesting places
when they both find out that where they end up is not what truly matters but the steps they make does define who they become as a result of their quirky travels.
All in all a sweet indie flick I enjoyed watching.
½ June 17, 2012
This was a heart warming, romantic, small indie film. It was so nice to see a film that focuses on a real relationship and the growth of that relationship through trust and honesty. The actors were excellent. The music was very engaging. I would recommend this film to those of you who love seeing a film that focuses on real people and real relationships. This film reminds me of the wonderful Indie film "Nice Guy Johnny" which was screened at the Woodstock Film Festival starring and created by Ed Burns. These are both excellent, small budget films that warm the heart.
May 16, 2012
"A Buddy Story" is a musical travelogue that never really bends your heart fully but is saved by the good chemistry between the leads Gavin Bellour, singer/songwriter/actor (solo act Buddy Gilbert) and Elisabeth Moss (neighbor Susan Adams), who team up rather quickly to hit the road with his pet turtle after she is left alone by her abusive boyfriend Pete. You grow to appreciate their modest friendship that is clearly careful at every step of the way as Buddy tries to win a recording contract on his journey through various solo musical gigs in the northeast and Susan tries to confront and overcome her fears of men, relationships and her own talent. Despite one scene that totally rings hollow at a biker bar concerning show tunes, they manage to eventually develop a bond for each other that lends itself to something more. Susan actually jumps in a lake (although she can't swim) as sort of a cleansing from a past that is not stated fully but we can assume child abuse from her father with him rescuing her as a metaphor. She begins to come out her shell as Buddy's duet partner, slowly falls for him but issues abound. The road winds on for them still growing and searching, but the answers will be eventually found. Musically, Buddy is a struggling performer that tends to meander on with cafe house cliches. Some passable tunes come forward but "Carried Away" is the standout song done in montage with a very attractive Moss enjoying her new found playful freedom through Buddy's lifestyle. Moss' role tends to be underwritten and her singing is a bit thin, but her eyes shimmer with a radiance rarely seen. Susan is holding some ugliness back about her childhood we never really uncover. Nevertheless, Moss brings a tangible vulnerability far from her Mad Men fame. Bellour is easy going and affable despite his low key, non-threatening asexual style, which is paramount to building trust within the story. But there are some uninspired family scenes as well, a mysterious phone call that is left hanging, plus an orthodox Jewish nature celebration that seem like filler, instead of soul searching. Anyway, A Buddy Story has an undeniable charm that proves love can be found among those who never thought they could have been in a such a place being carried away. A pleasant trip. Three stars.
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