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½ April 26, 2015
Un t brlant [2012]
May 7, 2014
I am going to pass on this one.
Super Reviewer
½ March 27, 2014
In "A Burning Hot Summer," Paul(Jerome Robart) meets and falls in love with Elisabeth(Celine Sallette) while both are day players on a movie about World War I. Soon after, they visit Paul's friend Frederic(Louis Garrel), an artist, and Frederic's wife Angele(Monica Bellucci), in Rome.

And that's pretty much it for any kind of story with "A Burning Hot Summer." In fact, the only kind of drama involves a huge rat, as everybody sits pretentiously around while waiting for the inevitable to happen. I mean this movie is so slow I thought my DVD player was skipping a couple of times but alas no.
½ May 16, 2013
A boring cokehead painter. Why would anybody ever want to be his friend, except some pennyless freeloaders?
½ July 14, 2012
A French film starring the sensually titillating Monica Bullucci as "Angele" an actor married to "Frederic" (Louis Garrel) a mediocre, dissipated artist; chemistry between the two is neither "hot" nor "burning", just boring. Frederick invites his best friend "Paul" (Jerome Robart) and his partner "Elizabeth" (Celine Sallette) to spend the summer with him and Angele; instead of the plot thickening it is diluted, thinned in trying tedium and triteness. I gleefully exited into a real and much more viable "burning hot summer", preferring the heat to this vapid scenario; questioning, puzzling why this film was ever made?

ONE & 1/2 STARS!

For Now.....Peneflix!
June 26, 2012
½ June 25, 2012
Devia ter oitro titulo menos instigante e mais realista
June 24, 2012
Nem o Garrel salva os filmes do pai. E o pior (C) que eu já sabia.
½ May 6, 2012
So spontaneous from directing, writing, editing to acting.
½ January 31, 2012
pas super captivant meme si bellucci garrel ca fonctionne bien
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