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September 4, 2015
This was an awesome movie. Basically an asian chick flick that guys can enjoy as well. As long you do not mind reading subtitles have fun. This flick is very cinimatic has spectacular visuals and a fantastic original story. A great mix supernatural martial arts, love story, heroism and a bit of humor. When it ended I was hoping to see more.
August 6, 2014
come on it should've been better
March 13, 2014
A nice emotional journey involving pretty amazing fantasy and a nice love story between a human and a daemon. The film has some really awkward storyline that hampers the narrative - an unnecessary love triangle that restricts the viewer from investing totally on a character. It could have totally been chopped off. The cinematography starts off good but gets monotonous after a certain time with same angular shots that is often distracting. The fight sequences are pretty good particularly towards the end filling in with the visual aesthetic of the movie. Speaking of visuals , it is dazzling and colorful and nicely done striking a fine balance between reality and fantasy. But the biggest positive of the movie is the beautiful underlying eastern score that embellishes the emotional flow of the narrative beautifully. On the whole , this remake is quite appealing to both the eye and the mind , at the same time suffering from a lot of similar mundane characterizations of the leads
½ October 1, 2013
It was pretty campy but what impressed me about this film was the visuals. Some effects were sub par b grade effects but others were very cool and quirky. The whole film boasted really mystical and haunting cinematography and some of the performances were awesome particularly that of the ancient tree spirit portrayed by Kara Hui. All in all a pretty cool movie. I will be watching the original though.
½ July 30, 2013
Nice trailer, but not a very nice movie. HA!
½ September 20, 2012
Le remake de HISTOIRES DE FANTOMES CHINOIS. Bon j'ai pas vu l'original mais ce wu xia pan là s'avère être passable mais sans plus. En tout cas on est tr (C)s loin des chefs d'oeuvre comme ZU ou JIANG-HU. Mais bon ça se laisse regarder...
½ February 23, 2012
1/10: Another unnecessary remake of the original by Tsui Hark. Even with Ip Man (2008) director Wilson Yip on board cannot help save the movie. Pointless and waste of time!
½ November 27, 2011
Respectful of the original trilogy by Tsui Hark, works as a news installament in the serires rather than a remake, and that's good. Bonus points for the cutest animal spirit form of cute Yifei Liu.
November 5, 2011
Interesting effects and great casting. Louis Koo will ALWAYS look too hilarious to be in any serious movie.
October 14, 2011
can't compare it with the original version. but using the original theme song is a very nice touch
½ October 3, 2011
I know this story well and thought that the changes are quite refreshing. :-)
½ September 24, 2011
Omg I'm bored to tears
½ September 6, 2011
really cheap, really really crap, and really really unbearable!
September 5, 2011
Remake of Tsui Hawk's 1997 version. The only improvement was the effects making the ghosts more realistic. They characters do not flow well with each other and editing of this film was choppy. I preferred the original cast with Leslie Cheung and Joey Wong than this new combination.
½ August 26, 2011
This New Version Of 'A Chinese Ghost Story' is serve Us A Strong Action Scene With An Entertain Drama Plot But it didn't entetain like it should be
½ August 16, 2011
Terrific, fast becoming a fan of Louis Koo... a wonderful remake of the old original movie where a normal 'human' falls for a 'demon'....
June 25, 2011
An average remake of a classic. Action looks good. Star studded. But story development is below average.
June 19, 2011
~誰??<???? ... (R) 1/2 3/4< ..." 1/4??- 1/2
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