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June 17, 2012
Comiquísima, tierna y sencilla, Un cuento chino nos recuerda que las mejores historias muchas veces provienen de las premisas mas simples. En el corazón de la pelicula las excelentes actuaciones de Darin y Huang, no se la pierdan!
June 13, 2012
What is the actor''s name of the delivery boy?
June 4, 2012
Muito bom. Vale a pena.
June 2, 2012
I wasn't sure what to make of this from the opening sequence, but this turned out to be a very sweet charming little film.
May 23, 2012
The recipe for a movie like this is straightforward: mix together half a part of meditation-on-the-mischievousness-of-life, two parts of meditation-on-the-beauty-of-humanity, and three parts of hilariousness. Serve with a dish of great acting.
May 20, 2012
Divertida y sencilla. Bien argentina
May 9, 2012
Bucura-te de viata pentru ca nu stii niciodata cand pica o vaca din cer!
May 3, 2012
Irůnica, simple y muy entretenida.
½ May 3, 2012
This movie teaches you, in simple terms, that life is awaiting to surprise you, the minute you decide to risk living it. The past is just there to remind you what it has already been, the future is there to keep the illusion of promising tomorrows, but the present is the gift you count with to do something more than just counting screws and turning the lights out at 11pm each night. As with the movie, you may not quite understand the multiplicity of languages life uses to speak to you, but with passion, courage and determination you will soon find a way to harmoniously translate and communicate with all the experiences of your own personal journey. Stop fearing committing! Risk! Love! Live!
May 2, 2012
Es tan sencillo. Para hacer una buena pelicula solo es necesario que sea humana, interesante y creible. Si la trama no es creible, que las actuaciones lo sean. Si la trama no es humana, que los actores transmitan emociones. Pero si no es interesante, entonces no hay nada que contar.

Un Cuento Chino es la comedia mas hilarante que he visto en los ultimos 10 a√Īos. Y no me refiero al humor de retrete de Something About Mary, The 40 Year Old Virgin y The Hangover. No nos equivoquemos. Esas peliculas tienen su merito.

Aca hablamos de una comedia en donde la ironia, lo cerca que golpea a nuestra propia puerta, donde la causalidad y la casualidad se dan un abrazo, donde vemos reflejados comportamientos deliciosamente maniaticos y algo compulsivos que todos los seres humanos poseemos, son todos elementos que le dan a lo cotidiano, una magia unica.

Ni hablar de Ricardo Darín. Desde El Secreto de sus Ojos soy un creyente de sus actuaciones y gracias a el, del despertar hacia el cine independiente, especialmente, el latinoamericano.

No hay mucho que decir de la pelicula. Solo hay que verla y disfrutarla. La vida deberia ser tan sencilla como eso. Y lo es.
April 30, 2012
Simples e bonito. Muito bom.
April 29, 2012
the world needs more films like this.
½ April 22, 2012
Odd couples abound in this comedy drama about a troubled war veteran trying to make his life as simple as possible... those damned other people just get in the way - the suppliers of his ironmongery, the customers, the women and particularly Jun the Chinese man who has come to Argentina looking for his uncle. Ricardo Darin shows his lighter side in this - but plays it all very deadpan. Catch it when it appears. But watch out for the flying cows.
April 17, 2012
I loved this movie! It is funny and touching and Richardo Darin is brilliant as allways! I promise this is a feel good movie of the best sort. It plays in Buenos Aires as an added bonus and I sure loved listening to Spanish Argentia style!
April 9, 2012
nydelig stemning i denne
April 7, 2012
Me hizo reir mucho y pensar mucho y sentir mucho, sencillamente excelente :)!
April 7, 2012
A satisfying two-hander about loneliness, communication and the absurdity of life.
½ April 6, 2012
conmovedora y divertidí­sima...
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