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½ September 22, 2013
Funny but small budget nonsense.
½ September 18, 2013
This giant turkey was produced, written, and directed by Roman Coppola, who must have thought the dumb fantasy sequences, steeped in movieland imagery, would remind people of 8-1/2 (or, at the very least, Head).
½ September 18, 2013
I guess I'm in the minority when I say I kinda liked this. Granted, Charlie Sheen can't act and the supporting cast is wasted and you never get any glimpse into the character of Ivana and the whole movie just seems to be an excuse to show off some cool graphic artwork, but I sort of enjoyed the playful Fellini-inspired (ripped-off) moments of reality and fantasy. I wish more modern American movies would do this.
September 7, 2013
Sympa et drôle! J'ai aimé!
August 21, 2013
the whole family loved it!
August 13, 2013
I really wanted to like 'Charles Swann III', but I couldn't bring myself to doing so. Being a fan of almost everyone behind and in front of the camera, including the controversial Charlie Sheen, it pained me that I didn't enjoy it like I thought I was going to. The film relies heavily on its idiosyncrasy and psychedelic quirkiness, but it never fully forms into a drama, comedy, or anything in-between.
August 12, 2013
A Glimpse Inside The Mind of Charles Swan III is the perfect example of a promising premise gone awry. At first glimpse, any art house fan would pop an excited grin at the names Coppola, Murray, Schwartzman, and a possible comeback role for the lovingly hate-able Sheen. Coppola - one of the many that make up the famous filmmaking Coppola family - visibly takes his tenure with Wes Anderson to heart and screen; the result being an awkwardly-artistic yet uninterestingly self aware expansion to the iconic look Roman brought to the table while he was the assistant director of The Life Aquatic (2004). Though at times the film accomplishes somewhat visually, the screenplay suffers without the charm of Coppola's writing counterpart - once again - Wes Anderson. Sadly, the glimpse we're given into the mind of Charles Swan III is not compelling in any rendition of the word. We're not given a character who exists on the hate/love spectrum. We're given a shmuck who only simply exists. To use The Life Aquatic as a further example, Bill Murray plays a constantly bland character who purposefully throws himself into terrible conditions just to have something happen in life. In "Glimpse", our titular actor gives us a character void of any depth. We see nothing. We are given nothing. There is so much painful nothingness in Sheen's performance that almost every promising aspect of the film is nullified - even with the help of the unswayable Murray. All in all, if you are interested in the negative side to flop art, give this film a try. But, as films on the shorter side go, you just might just find yourself 'glimpsing' a little too long. Viewer beware.
½ August 9, 2013
It would take little more than a "glimpse" of A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III to determine whether or not one will enjoy or even 'want to watch' this odd quirky cinematic bauble that is being disguised as an art house drama starring a struggling-to-be-credible Charlie Sheen ("winning!") as a man going through a midlife crisis when it is actually nothing more than a muddled, pretentious, self-absorbed vanity project giving Sheen an opportunity to try to again fool the masses into believing that somewhere within that empty shell of a human-being lies an ounce of remaining talent. It is ironic (and unfortunate that he doesn't get it) that Sheen himself has overplayed the "fool me once/fool me twice" playroom scenarios that make up some of the plot of this film. Charles Swan is a successful graphic designer (read artist) whose love/hate relationship with his girlfriend has (again) come to its end ... and he doesn't know whether or not he should end it for good this time. Charles is supposed to be a fully-functioning adult but his problem-solving skills appear to be non-existent as he goes from one video segment to another. The major problem ... we just never care for him as he is aloof and detached and HE appears to never really care about anything going on around him. Roman Coppola -- Francis Ford's son and Sofia's brother who is also known as a producer of films (Somewhere), a Hollywood screenwriter (he was nominated for an Oscar for Moonrise Kingdom) and a random music producer -- directs the film with no urgency ... and it sadly shows ... although he has apparently lucked-out in the acting depart by calling in a few acting favors from his family and Dad's pals. Actors such as Jason Schwartzman and Bill Murray (Rushmore), Patricia Arquette (Ed Wood), Dermot Mulroney (Zodiac), Aubrey Plaza ("Parks & Rec"), Mary Elizabeth Winstead (The Spectacular Now), Katheryn Winnick (Killers), Colleen Camp (Clue) and Stephen Dorff (Somewhere) work the film's shots alongside world renowned supermodels Angela Lindvall, Bar Paly and Maxine Bahns. The film is just all of these things/scenes put together with little-to-no clarity. It is a mess and no effort is expended in fixing it. Fool us once ... fool us twice ... fool us a third time and a fourth etc.
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August 5, 2013
Beyond awful, Roman Coppola's A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III is an atrocious piece of garbage. The tragedy of it is that the film has a great cast that features Charlie Sheen, Jason Schwartzman, Bill Murray, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, and Aubrey Plaza; who are all exceptional comedic actors. But, the story's monotonous tripe and the characters are dull and uninteresting. A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III is a vapid and senseless film that seems to drag on forever.
½ August 4, 2013
A total POS! Do not rent. Not funny or interesting. Couldn't watch more than the introduction.
July 29, 2013
A film so subtle and not so subtle and utterly utterly brilliant. Some movies are made to simply make money and some movies are an artistic statement about things that actually matter. Most of the movies I have seem recently are movies simply made to rake in a bit of dough and this why this movie is so brilliant. Its so brilliant because it has such a wacky idea that its doomed to fail. Has anybody else noticed this stars not one, not two but three actors that were in the boxoffice failure Scott Pilgrim vs the World.

This is a wonderful idea and although I did massively enjoy it and admire it on so many levels, I do have to admit that its not perfect. However this is one of its many charms. Even though its not perfect there is much to admire and much to enjoy. The set and costume designs (much like That 70s Show) give the presence of eye candy. The performances are top notch all around and the humour and writing are on a fun and endearing level.

One thing that makes this stand out for me is how much Charles Swan is unlikable and why casting Charlie Sheen is the right choice. Despite an unlikable presence we are strangely on his quest of being ok with being dumped because of the fun and warm hearted way he deals with it... ie we all go through this but we don't necessarily do it this way.

I said it wasn't perfect and my only real quip here is that there isn't much of some of the other characters here. They kind of come and go and turn up when it pleases Roman Coppola. When they do turn up its a blast and when they go you miss them. Despite this quip, this leads to my biggest plus....


This particilar film is about an hour and twenty minutes and does what it needs to and then leaves wanting more but (with me) being o'so satsfied with the images that came before the credits. Also note how they end the film... very unique.

This will film will fail and all the more reason for me to cherish this little gem of a movie which captured my heart and made me smile throughout.
½ July 12, 2013
I enjoy Charlie Sheen. Two years ago I was one of the people who fully got a kick out of his antics when he went rogue. This film though is a self-indulgent mess with a lead character that has to be one of the most unlikeable and appealing characters in film history. Anti-heroes are great when done right. Here, we spend time with a pure douche-bag with no redeeming qualities what so ever.
½ July 11, 2013
occasionally amusing but mostly boring, uninvolving mesh; doesn't work and doesn't take itself seriously. the actors try
½ July 7, 2013
glimpse in to Charles Swan 111 mind is worst, boring movie of seen of 2013. D
June 19, 2013
It was quite a weird movie. The older fashioned style of the camera work and time frame is a little weird to pull off and makes for a little bit of a boring movie. There is a share of entertainment and comedic moments which can be attributed to the cast, but overall it harps on the same things over and over about his heart being broken and his friends coming in a line back to appear in his life.
½ June 14, 2013
I thought Roman Coppola had talent, I guess even a talented person can be hit and miss, this one is a miss, I'm half-way through the movie so far, and felt the movie was so un-entertaining that I took the time to pause the movie, register on rotten tomatoes and give this review, it's the most un-entertaining movie I've seen in years with such big stars as Bill Murray & Charlie Sheen, if you have a chance to skip this one I highly recommend it! Luckily I only lost 79 cents from redbox over this fiasco of a film.
½ June 13, 2013
Wow. I'm so embarrassed for Jason Schwartzman and Bill Murray. What a truly awful movie. Charlie Sheen isn't even a joke anymore, he just sucks like he always has.
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½ June 11, 2013
Handsome. Brilliant. Heartbroken.

The movie obviously had a lot of potential but the execution is horrible. It has a few funny moments but they're way too few and far between. It would be easy to blame all of the movie's failings on it's star, Charlie Sheen, but it was mostly, most likely, it's writer/director's fault. When working with Anderson Coppola has shown some skill but he obviously wasn't ready to helm a movie like this. I truly hope his next project is much better than this.
½ June 10, 2013
Pretty good. It's not a biopic. Nice house.
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