A Hard Day Reviews

November 21, 2017
For a film that strives to be hard as nails, A Hard Day is more like cotton candy, crackling on the tongue and evaporating instantly.
July 30, 2015
The premise isn't quite substantial enough to sustain a near-two hour film, and it falters with a couple of plot twists too many, a thinly-drawn villain and an unnecessarily drawn-out climactic showdown.
July 26, 2015
Lee's overacting ratchets up with each new discovery until he's practically The Scream personified.
July 23, 2015
It's hard to feel sympathy for such a miserable miscreant. Impossible, in fact.
July 16, 2015
A Hard Day works best when it doesn't try so hard. Unfortunately, that is not much of the time.
October 20, 2014
If it had managed to maintain its early energy, A Hard Day would have been a stone cold comedy classic. Instead, it's merely diverting.