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February 18, 2012
This movie deeply touched my heart, in good and bad, in so many ways. What an achievement and what a sacrifice. The dad is a true hero as well, this story is an amazing journey on so many levels.. I loved it!
December 5, 2011
My opinion of the film differs quite a bit from the Times reviewer. I
went in to watch a documentary about a humanitarian woman I had
recently been told about, namely Jessie Rosenmeier. Not knowing
anything about the daughter or her profession, my focus was
predominantly on the altruistic motivations, thoughtful actions,
energy and sacrifice that characterize truly respectable doers. In
other words, I walked away thinking more about the person portrayed in
the film, the mother, rather than analyzing the film's quality,
literary value, or agenda.

It is because of this perhaps that I found myself disagreeing from
many of the points raised in the review. For example in the scene
after the visit to disabled toddlers, the tears in Dina's eyes meant,
to me, that she was moved in some way and began to understand her
mother's drive to serve, rather than "openly crying for herself."

I also think it is somewhat discrediting to summarize the work done by
Jessie Rosenmeier as an "interest in adorable children" or a "vanity
project." For a Westerner to take frequent trips into a disorganized
bureaucracy-laden country like India, adjusting to simpler living
conditions without the usual first world comforts, raising funds and
leading the construction of residential quarters for orphans, filing
loads of paperwork to get 400 neglected children adopted into Denmark,
and most of all earning the respect of coworkers in that foreign
country, is no vanity project.

In summary, go in without the perspective of flaw finding and you
might just get inspired by watching the story of a noble woman.

Sumeet Verma, MD
December 5, 2011
I saw A Journey in My Mother's Footsteps at the Chagrin Documentary
Film Festival in Cleveland, OH. It won the HUMAN SPIRIT AWARD at this
festival. This film touched my soul deeply. It artfully conveys the
importance of education for the millions of poor children in India. And
it tells the story passionately through the voice of Dina Rosenmeier,
the daughter of Jessie Rosenmeier. Jessie has devoted much of her life
to helping these children.

My husband I are flying to NYC tomorrow to see the film again. We
wouldn't do this if we didn't think the film is fabulous. I question
whether the Village Voice and New York Times critics really saw the
film. Their depiction of the film's flaws are grossly inaccurate.

I encourage everyone to see this moving film to learn how they can help the many poor children of India. I also encourage the New
York Times and the Village Voice to question their critic's reviews of
the film.

Carole Richards Chagrin Falls, Ohio
November 9, 2011
A Journey in my Mother's Footsteps Opens Friday 11:11:11 at The Laemmle Sunset 5 in West Hollywood
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