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½ August 8, 2009
I'm sure this would have been great as a half hour PBS documentary but stretched out longer it's just a bit uninteresting.
July 14, 2009
Simple, but interesting. Goes on a bit too long, but definitely worth a watch (and hopefully a visit to Pearl's garden).
June 5, 2009
Very Inspiring true story. I'm not much for topiary, but this man's stuff is very very good.
February 7, 2009
This is a feel good movie about a man in rural South Carolina who has created a masterpiece in his yard. He started creating topiaries and never stopped. His creations are masterpieces that bring joy and a sense of well-being to the people who visit Bishopville, S.C. to see Mr. Fryar's yard. Pearl Fryar is a humble, generous, self-made artist. In these times of Bernie Madoffs and other corporate and political bigwigs taking over the news with their shameful behavior, corruption, and greed; Pearl Fryar is a wonderful antidote. His inspiring story is a welcome reprieve from the bad news we read everyday. He renews one's faith in humanity. I highly recommend this movie.
½ January 29, 2009
Pearl, the man this documentary is about, is just so gosh darn endearing that he lifts the film a notch above the film's technical merits. Seriously, stop interviewing the preacher. SERIOUSLY!
½ January 6, 2009
A well done documentary. Inspiring and touching, worth the time.
½ November 20, 2008
Interesting story, but not quite enough of a story for a full length documentary. You do have to admire Pearl Fryar, he really is a remarkable person and very likeable person. What an amazing garden!
October 20, 2008
"In this life you're gonna have obstacles. The thing about it is, don't let those obstacles determine where you go."
½ October 13, 2008
A well crafted, inspiring movie. Very uplifting story about just an humble ordinary guy. Great production and editing as well.
September 20, 2008
Talk about pulling yourself up by your bootstraps. Pearl Fryar was born into poverty, but he worked hard and developed his passion. The movie doesn't have the emotional highs and lows of some documentaries, but it is a solid tribute to following your heart and rising like a phoenix from the ashes. This is a movie every kid should see, no matter their age!
September 19, 2008
Beautifully inspirational.
August 11, 2008
Touching and interesting story that brings hope to a dying community. It is great to see where Pearl came from and how it became his passion and how his personality comes out in his topiary. Really interesting story and life and place.
July 27, 2008
A topiary artist like you've never seen before.
½ December 21, 2007
Joyful and inspiring....I can't wait to help bring this film to Washington DC!
November 25, 2007
great documentary about a south carolinian in bishopville
October 28, 2007
i like the guy, but the movie is kinda all over the place for me.
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