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June 15, 2015
A cliche'd melodramatic,perdictable baseball film with okay performances. Grade C-
½ April 28, 2015
a dumb yet harmless baseball film. nothing really stands out from it.
February 16, 2015
realmente una pelicula muy interesante 8/10
Super Reviewer
½ August 3, 2014
Based on the novel, The Legend of Micky Tussler by Frank Nappi, comes the Canadian film, A Mile In His Shoes. While the basic story remains the same, the film was significantly different than the novel. The new story transfers much better to film, but takes far too much away from the original novel. Micky Tussler (Luke Schroeder) is a mid-western farm boy, who suffers from Aspergers Syndrome. One day fortune finds him, as the manager of an independent baseball team's car breaks down in front of his farm. While waiting for a tow truck, Arthur Murphy (Dean Cain) observes Tussler throwing apples to his pigs, and realizes that the kid has a lot of potential. The story originally took place in the 1940's and it was much easier to understand the hardship and discrimination Tussler faced. When the film changes the story to modern day, there isn't much of a stigma associated with Aspergers and that whole angle seemingly disappears from the story. The film being made for TV is also problematic, as rather than being a story of a kid who had to overcome overwhelming odds, it plays more like a Disney movie, about some loveable idiot and the coach who takes him under his wing. The whole message of the original story is basically gutted for TV and as someone who really enjoyed the novel, I resent that. Luke Schroder, son of Rick Schroder, stars as Micky and was really the only bright spot in this film. This was his film debut and he played it as though he'd been acting for years. Growing up around the business must have made it very easy for him to slip into the profession, and his performance was very admirable. As for the rest of the cast, they are just along for the ride and as I said, for me, the film takes too much away from the original story and plays like a dreaded Disney movie, in one of those rare instances where I wish I'd just stuck with the novel.
October 27, 2013
it was so amazing a great family movie.
April 18, 2013
Predictable but good. Would be good for kids to see.
½ February 24, 2013
Good simple film...could have beaten you over the head with Christianity, yet chose not to without sacrificing the story-line.
December 27, 2012
our cousin is in this
August 24, 2012
Loved this wonderful film.
August 10, 2012
It may be generic TV fare, but this is an enjoyable inspirational drama. I may be a sucker for these types of movies, but its warm, sweet, and humorous approach -- as well as the great acting, especially from the autistic pitcher -- helped me get past the playbook which utilizes each cliche down to the last play. Overall, as routine as it may be, it's still a good movie which drives the message home very well.
June 30, 2012
A baseball movie about a pitcher with Asperger's Syndrome trying to succeed in the minor league.
June 27, 2012
i think this was a really good movie and didn't focus so much on the cheesy parts but on the story a really good one at that
½ June 3, 2012
Really touching movie. Sweet, kind-hearted, and a good family movie.
April 20, 2012
Would've been ok if they hadn't bombarded you with religious junk halfway through the movie.
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