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½ December 11, 2013
Rating: Zero stars
"...a bad execution of an absolutely bad material. There's nothing more annoying than a love story that is weirdly stalkerish, purely coincidental and not even romantic. This is the worst romantic film since Just One Summer."
½ March 19, 2013
Julia Montes and Coco Martin could have a perfect chemistry but not at all times like in this team-up movie which I find a little chemistry between them. The love story of the movie has a shallow conflict and could have been improve with a well written twist of story. Yet, its casts gave a good performance to make it bearable to watch until the end. It has a nice shoot location as well, with Amsterdam being the setting of the film on half of it. Plus the rich houses they shoot upon as was real delight to the eyes especially the Linden's residence. At the end of the movie, it still feels good that it delivers a good story about forgiveness and regrets.
February 18, 2013
Dannnggg, just watched it a while ago. Honestly at first, I really had no plans to watch this movie because I thought it would be another cheesy corny star cinemas movie. BUT BOY WAS I WRONGGG!! From the acting to the story line to the setting. Hit every point. A must see movie. If you're a girl, watch it with your girlfriends. haha! It'll make you laugh, smile, cry, lahat lahat na! <3 Hurry! GO! WATCH IT!!
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