A Nous la Liberté (Liberty for Us) Reviews

September 22, 2013
An engrossing satire on modern society's belief in the new industrialization age, showing the Machine was not mankind's salvation.
January 10, 2008
Compared to his contemporaries Jean Renoir and Jean Vigo, Clair was a minor talent, though both of these films do contain innovative uses of sound mixed with silent film.
January 8, 2008
A period piece in the best sense.
April 6, 2006
...displays Clair's mastery of artful whimsy by mixing sound (especially song), sweet-faced storytelling, and visual skill.
January 26, 2006
It's well worth a look today as simultaneously vindicating Clair's former high reputation and his subsequent expulsion from most critical pantheons.
August 13, 2005
Influential French comedy about a world beyond work.
June 18, 2005
One of French director Rene Clair's great films, this 1931 poignant exploration of the working conditions of industrial laborers was nominated for the Interior Decoration Oscar.
August 7, 2004
The French have no equal when it comes to perfectly aligned bottom-kicking, showing revulsion at the ill-breeding of others, or performing semi-socialist slapstick.
January 12, 2004
All of the layers are brought together through Clair's clever use of sound and image.
October 15, 2003
Its themes are couched in so much wit and silliness that it doesn't take a communist to enjoy it.
June 12, 2003
A Nous, la Libert is assuredly different from any other screen feature. It bristles with strange originality.
November 25, 2002
Wildly funny, endlessly creative, experimental and utterly charming, it is a too-often overlooked classic.
November 21, 2002
Deserves to come out from under the long shadows cast by Charlie Chaplin's Modern Times, and bask in the adulation of a whole new generation of filmgoers.
September 18, 2002
a delightfully radical farce about freeing oneself from the controls of social and economic oppression
September 17, 2002
If the notion of a 1931 semi-silent French movie doesn't scare you off, this minor masterpiece might be worth checking out. Political historians and film fanatics will be especially interested.
August 11, 2002
Pioneering... extravagant.
January 1, 2000
This classic satire on the dehumanization of industrial workers is one of Rene Clair's greatest achievements.